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To submit or not to submit GRE Scores for PhD programs in the United States [closed]

With the GREs being phased out of so many PhD applications in the sciences, I think this question is reasonably fresh. I have taken the GRE and scored in the 70 percentiles for verbal and math. I ...
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Explaining slightly low grades in SOP for top schools

I'm a computer science student with a 3.8/4.0 trying to get into schools like MIT, Berkeley, etc. (at that tier) for their MS programs in CS. My undergrad school is a top 20 school (in the 10-20 range)...
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How can I show the admission board that I'm better than my academic record says

I'm a last year student of a degree in mathematics ( and another in physics) in Spain. I'm starting graduate education next year and I need some advices on how to improve my chances to get into ...
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European student trying to get a clear picture of US PhD system

I am born and educated in a northern European country. After I graduate I want to continue doing research within the topics I am passionate about. Much of the research I am interested in happens in ...
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What's required for a PhD in pure math at MIT? [closed]

I'm new to college and I was wondering. I want to complete a PhD in pure math at MIT. Could you complete a Bachelor's degree at another university or would you have to get a Master's degree before ...
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Chances of being accepted into Canadian PhD program with Masters from Germany [closed]

I will be starting my Masters in Mathematics in University of Würzburg, Germany from this coming winter semester. I completed my Bachelors from University of Calgary, Canada but because of my low GPA (...
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Will pass/no pass grades in an extracurricular affect graduate school admissions?

I work for the student newspaper on campus and as a part of it we take a class. On my transcripts, it is listed as Independent Study, and I take it every quarter Pass/No Pass simply because it's an ...
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How can I use my mathematical background when applying to physics PhD program?

I am a senior undergraduate and I am in the process of applying to physics graduate programs in the US. Through my course of study, I've been excited about the interplay between physics and ...
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How can I overcome bad/low GPA to graduate adimissions?

First: I want to do grad school, and I'm a undergraduate student. Now, I have a really bad GPA. My probable final GPA value will be 2.0, and I'm an international student. Still, I have two papers ...
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How to offset poor undergraduate performance in core classes?

I recently did not do so well in a couple undergraduate core classes, what are my options to make up for this on a grad school application?
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I am applying to a Philosophy Master degree which I have little experience on, what should I do with my CV and cover letter? [closed]

I did Economics for my Undergrad but I switched to Philosophy for my Taught master degree. I absolutely love Philosophy but I only have a Merit for it, so I didn't think I would be competent enough ...
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When applying to grad school: GPA vs Prestige [closed]

For undergraduate studies is it preferable to go the a prestigious school and get decent GPA or to go to not well known school but be top of the class?
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Will low grades on my transcript ruin my chances of getting into an MBA program, even if I retake classes for course forgiveness?

I'm sure this question has been asked frequently. However, I'm an undergrad, currently finished my sophomore first semester. I have gotten Ds (twice currently, not in the same semesters) on my ...
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Grad school admission after bad grade in research class for different discipline

I have a predicament. I am about 4 weeks shy of graduating from a small Virginia (USA) school with a BA in English literature and I received a D in an upper-level research class in linguistics, which ...
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Does a degree in economics/corporate finance from an Italian university prepare me for a PhD in economics?

i am a master of corporate finance student in Bocconi. i have a bachelor degree in economics and wanted to continue on it but decided to switch to finance due to some restraints (my scholarship from ...
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