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Am I too old for academia after a PhD? [duplicate]

Currently, I am applying for PhD positions at United States and Canadian Universities. I will be 35 when I start my PhD in Computer Science/Machine Learning, and probably I will finish it around the ...
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Will I be too old to apply for Ph.D. at the age of 30 [duplicate]

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Is it too old to start a Physics PhD at 26? [duplicate]

Is it too old to start a Physics PhD at 26 ? In average , How many PhD students in physics or mathematics who are older than 25 in their first year ?
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do you know anyone who is over 30 years old, but got admission from top math grad school? [duplicate]

I am going to apply math grad schools this year. But, the problem is now I'm 30 years old. Do you know anyone who is 30 or over 30, but got admission from top math grad school?
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Mature PhD Project Application - How are these received? [duplicate]

I guess this is a question to group leaders and those who have some influence on what PhD students join their group. Essentially - I want to know your thoughts if someone like me applied to your PhD ...
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Can my age play as an obstacle in my Ph.D. application, and while getting student visa? [duplicate]

I'm 42, got my master degree in Feb 2017. I´ve 17 years of work experience in the industrial field and I'm still doing academic research with my former supervisor and publishing papers. I am going ...
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General Advice on choosing Mathematics as career path [duplicate]

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Want to change my career to Physics from Software Development [duplicate]

I have always been fascinated by Physics But due to the CS hype in India took a miscalculated step to get my bachelor's in CS, After 4 years dedicated to a job in Software Development I want to change ...
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45 and wanting to start Ed.D am I too old?! [duplicate]

I am in my 23rd year of teaching at the public schools. I love what I do and as some refer... I am a 'lifer.' I am 45 yrs. old and wanting to start my Ed.D. The program is estimated to be completed ...
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Have money, but am old--how will these affect PhD application [duplicate]

In terms of academics, I think when I finish my masters (in two years), I will have a strong application with excellent grades, good recommendations, and a potentially very interesting project (albeit ...
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I want to do research but I'm too old for a PHD

I really love research. I started a research project in graduate school for my M.A. in English. My research topic is a very viable and interesting topic for a dissertation. I'll be 60 on my next ...
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Age and Graduate school

I am 33. I live in the US. I am a neither a US citizen, nor a green card holder. I have worked in various jobs as a research assistant (physics, biology, economics) usually involving programming, ...
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To enroll in to a PhD Program at the age of 65

As a retired school teacher, and to become a professor at a university. Is it okay to get into a PhD program at the age of 65 and complete it to become a professor? Or is it too late and I can’t get ...
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Will my experience in the industry work against me at this point?

I am interested in a Ph.D. in Robotics (possibly in the UK). But I have been working as a run-of-the-mill software engineer in the industry for the last 5 years. Browsing this forum, I am seeing ...
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