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Are MOOCs a good way to show grad schools that I've gained proficiency in a field which is not my major? [duplicate]

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Can I include the completion of Udacity and Coursera classes I have attended in an academic CV?

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Does one get academic credit towards a degree for open online courses?

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Are contributions to a open source project helpful for graduate admissions?

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Do certificates from accredited online courses play any role in applying for a graduate program?

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Is a graduate pathway program likely to help for admission to a masters in another field? Is it better than MOOCs or an internship for this purpose?

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Should I include having taken free online courses without credit or certificate in an application for a master's programme?

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Is an X-Series Certificate from edx useful for graduate school? [duplicate]

I saw a similar question posted on the website, but in my opinion this one is different enough to deserve its own space. Currently, I'm working on a self-paced online course on edX called ANUx: The ...
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Are free online courses worth anything? [duplicate]

There’s a lot of non-traditional ways to learn science without actually going to college. MOOC is the first thing that comes to my mind when I hear of free and certified learning. But are MOOCs worth ...
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