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My professor is using questions from other colleges for an assignment. Is this plagiarism? [duplicate]

So I have noticed that there are exact solutions to the exact question I found on an assignment sheet for a unit/class that I am currently doing (the source is from another college's publication on ...
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Does a lecturer need to cite their teaching material? [duplicate]

My lecturer uses powerpoints as a teaching material. During the first class she told me that we are using a book as resource for our class. But one day I realised that some parts are not from the book....
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Should one (if possible) report Professors for plagiarism [duplicate]

It has come to my attention, that some of the professors I studied with as an undergraduate, plagiarized their lectures. In some cases, it was word for word. In fact, they did not even explain it any ...
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Is it okay for professors to completely copy another professors' notes, assignments, and exam questions word for word from another university? [duplicate]

I have a professor who used the same lecture notes, same assignments, and same exam questions word for word from from another professor at a different university (who posts his notes, assignments, and ...
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Plagiarizing Professor [duplicate]

I have a professor that pulls slides from the internet to fill his lectures. He does occasionally attribute the slides to the original author (in class, not on the slide itself) but the majority of ...
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What to do if my professor is plagarizing [duplicate]

I was in the middle of doing my homework for a class (its a worksheet for a word document) and I noticed that the author of the word document is not my professor. I looked it up, and it turns out ...
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Plagiarism of Lecture Slides

Original Post: I recently attended a lecture with highly technical content. One of the middle slides in the deck had a particular phrase that reminded me of something that I had read several years ...
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Citing sources of problems in assignments

This question was raised by Dave Clarke here. When a textbook author approaches a topic in a novel way or presents a particularly interesting example, I believe that a teacher who creates lecture ...
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Retyping some material to obscure source of a textbook with a solution manual?

This is my first time teaching mathematics. I've been giving lessons based on a certain textbook which contains excellent exercises (not just the exercises, but the order in which they appear leads ...
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Is it acceptable for paid online course to use quizzes and materials from elsewhere on the internet?

This question is specifically about a high school course, but it should be applicable to any online course in general. I was taking a physics course online to skip it in school, those courses are ...
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How widespread is sharing of slides/assignments among educators?

Often, when taking a course at the university level, I amuse myself by Googling phrases from the instructors' slides, assignments, and other materials. I have found, without exception from any ...
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Do professors have to cite references in their Powerpoints? And what if data is manipulated to make PPT more "current"?

When I was taking my gen-ed classes for nursing school (anatomy, microbiology, etc), I could go to the end of the professor's Powerpoint and click on any of the references if I wanted to find out more ...
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How should I feel about a professor using an entire online course for his own course?

I'm taking a machine learning class at a school in South Korea. I've heard some good and bad things about this professor in particular, but I didn't really know until I actually took his course. I've ...
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Citation in examination

In a course, the professor sets an open book exam with the restriction that students can use only class notes and textbook in any electronic device(mobile, laptop, etc). In short, no internet during ...
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