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Why are most scientific articles locked behind a paywall?

Can someone give me a legitimate, convincing argument as to why scientific papers should be locked behind subscriptions and paywalls? That unless you happen to be on a campus, you can't get view a ...
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Why do tenured professors still publish in pay-walled venues?

I wonder why tenured professors still publish in pay-walled venues. I can understand that non-tenured professors are publication pressured, but once one gets tenured, why should one still place ...
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Why do academics write peer reviews?

I do not understand what good it does them. A professor said it gives an opportunity to read papers he would not read on his own. I am sure there is more to it but I do not see what they gain by ...
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Why do universities have to spend money on journals?

Obviously this is a question in the light of the recent Elsevier boycott. Currently we do have an arXiv, maintained by academia and where researchers regularly upload parts of their work. In such a ...
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Are there boycotts against publishers other than Elsevier?

Academics have called for a boycott against Elsevier, with some success for instance because it has led to resignations (recently in the Lingua journal). As I understand it, Elsevier is not the only ...
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Reference for annual journal subscription costs paid per university?

Is there any resource that lists how much each university pay in journal subscription fees? I am mostly interested in US universities (E.g. Harvard: $3.5M/year in 2014, MIT: $4M/year in 2006 for ...
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Status of Elsevier Boycott

Starting around 2012, Timothy Gowers had much to say about the practices of Elsevier. Very roughly speaking, he argued that Elsevier made research articles expensive to access and profited heavily ...
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Who is earning money when users buy access to a research article?

I'm a software engineer, but I used to have to read a lot of papers about neurology. I am slightly disappointed by the high price for access to the full text of research papers. I can understand a ...
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Why do we not reinvent the journal system? [duplicate]

I am very surprised that I could not find any similar question here. It seems to me that researchers from all universities are willing to write papers about their research for free and hand them into ...
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Why do "Author's Rights" in "Consent to Publish" agreements allow pre-print publications?

I have published in journal X and given them the rights to my work. In the "Author's Rights" clause, it says that I am allowed to post my work to pre-print servers (in the form immediately ...
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How to deal with journal requirements to share data when data comes from industry and industry partner would not permit sharing?

Many authors, especially in manufacturing, use data from real manufacturing companies (not from a lab experiment) for their research. They are asked to report only the results from their analysis on ...
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Why are some journal articles so expensive? [duplicate]

Why are some journal articles so expensive, such as this article that costs more than $12.55 per page to purchase?
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