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Didn't pay attention to rules and created an illegal note card for exam?

For final exam in my university chemistry class, a note sheet, 8 by 11, was allowed. You could put anything on the sheet, however it was to remain 1-sided. Of all things, I forgot about the last rule, ...
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Is there any way to detect high tech (e.g. cell-phone assisted) academic dishonesty?

Over the last few years, our university has seen a rise in high-tech academic dishonesty. We have a no electronics policy, except calculators when needed (even those now are provided by the school, ...
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IEEE conference chair asked to take down the arXiv version of the paper within 24 hours

Recently, an article by one of my colleagues had been accepted at an IEEE conference, and about a week ago, he presented it on the main track. He published a preprint of this paper (without final ...
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How to deal with cheating when university policy is ineffective?

I am co-teaching a relatively large class with two other colleagues in a big university. Each semester, most students are amazing, trustworthy, and well-behaved and it is a pleasure to work with my ...
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What do you do when your best friend cheats and has become top 10 in class of 250? [closed]

My very best friend cheats, not just looking over her shoulder for two answers, I mean full out cheats - raising each grade from what would be a D to an A. I feel very guilty for doing something wrong,...
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Plagiarism and exclusion from a master's program?

I am an EU student studying for my MBA in Germany. I have been a top student throughout the year. However, my thesis (24% supposedly plagiarized text) and the last two assignments (55% and 56%) have ...
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I uploaded my test questions to a website (so I could cheat), but then thought better of it and didn't use the answers. How to proceed?

So, I was taking my exam, and there were two questions I really had no clue on, and I was running out of time on. So I quickly went to a website and posted pictures of my exam questions and asked for ...
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What should a regretful student who is caught plagiarizing do to move forward?

I'm a high school student also enrolled in a computer science class at a local college, and earlier this week I noticed that my grade for the class had dropped. I checked the online gradebook after ...
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Being a Dishonest Cheat. How do I live with this? [closed]

First things first. I am not a good person - I have never pretended to be. But I tried to make my parents (more importantly my dad) proud. Today I screwed up. I sat for an exam that I don't understand ...
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Accused of copying code for autograded assignment [duplicate]

I'm an undergraduate studying computer science at a local community college. Currently, I'm enrolled in an intro computer programming class that I unfortunately am unable to test out of (I asked my ...
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Professor says he won't report my cheating if I admit it in writing. Is it a trap? [closed]

I cheated on a homework assignment. The professor found out. I am afraid of what is going to happen. I know I should face the consequences. I am thinking about just withdrawing from my PhD program now,...
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Academic dishonesty -- math graduate school admissions

I have been somewhat incorrectly convicted of copying another student's test, and the prospects of reversing this seem doubtful. My school's policy is somewhat more lenient here due to it being a ...
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Allegation of Academic Offence [duplicate]

I received an email from the university saying that the similarity report for my work identified that one of my answers shows a similarity to the answer within the script of a fellow student. They are ...
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I was caught cheating on my university GE exam [closed]

I got caught cheating on my university GE exam, and I am afraid suspension, I know I was wrong, should I just email prof to said I sorry and you can give me 0 in this exam or other advance to me that ...
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Cheating on Homework Assignment [closed]

So I messed up really bad and cheated on a homework assignment. I got a negative one for that assignment. I'm in my first year of undergraduate school in the US, second semester. I am so upset with ...
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I don't know if i was caught cheating or not [closed]

So i take my test in a separate room by myself in the testing center and when i was taking my test one of the instructors nocked on my door. Know they do not check to make sure if you have your phone ...
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I may get caught cheating on my finances exam [duplicate]

Long story short I just had two exams - one after the other. One required me to use LockDown Browser and the other one was in CANVAS. The second class is Finances and I asked a friend who already ...
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I was caught cheating in my exam, how should I deal with it? [duplicate]

Since High School, I have cheated a lot in exams. But in college it became a habit and I developed successful ways of doing it, without getting caught throughout first and second year. But I ...
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