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Why does research cost so much money?

I have been dragged into an argument with someone who can't understand why millions are being raised to fund ALS research (that's the "ice bucket challenge", love it or hate it). He doesn't get why ...
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Why are most scientific articles locked behind a paywall?

Can someone give me a legitimate, convincing argument as to why scientific papers should be locked behind subscriptions and paywalls? That unless you happen to be on a campus, you can't get view a ...
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Elsevier production team messed up my paper. What should I do?

I have a paper accepted by a journal of Elsevier, and it went under production for 3 months. Yet the production team has not been able to fix certain problems with typesetting which appeared during ...
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Do people actually buy research articles?

Research articles are often priced at 20-40 USD. I know that typically a researcher's institution subscribes to myriads of journals, and that some research articles are accessible online for free ...
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Are there boycotts against publishers other than Elsevier?

Academics have called for a boycott against Elsevier, with some success for instance because it has led to resignations (recently in the Lingua journal). As I understand it, Elsevier is not the only ...
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Why don't major research institutions systematically publish their subscription fees to scientific journals?

I read on Finland becomes to our knowledge the first country where annual subscription fees for all individual publishers and all major research ...
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Asked to be part of Editorial Board. How to evaluate journal?

I am a postdoc researcher (more than five years after PhD) with an average publishing record. I have been contacted by a journal asking me to become part of their editorial board. I am, however, ...
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What are the profit margins of academic publishers?

With an eye to finding the reasons behind high journal subscription costs: do journals / publishers make outrageous margins, or are prices truly justified by the costs to run journals? In other words, ...
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Are there any known Universities that refuse to pay for paywall access to academic journals?

Are there any known Universities that refuse to pay for paywall access (for moral, intellectual, inability to pay, or other reasons) to academic journal articles?
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Are there examples of journals with an explicit policy on GPT-3 and equivalent language models?

In the question Is it OK to use GPT-3+ to rewrite your own paper to have better English? @gerrit mentions that: Check the rules of the journal. Chances are they allow automated spelling, grammar, and ...
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Advantages of the conference publication system of CS/Eng

Computer Science and Engineering have a publication system that is quite different from that of other disciplines, in that conference proceedings have great importance and partially take the role of ...
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I can't access a reference of an article I am reviewing: what shall I do?

From time to time, I cannot access a reference of an article that I am reviewing, either because my university did not subscribe to some journals (and I failed to find it myself on sci-hub, Google, ...
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Importance of paper download statistics

In an editorial on the topic of Sci-Hub, Marcia McNutt (Editor-in-Chief of Science Journals) lists a few reasons why Sci-Hub may be bad for scientists. One of the drawbacks she lists is (emphasis mine)...
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How can I stop getting emails about unwanted registrations to some review websites and asking me to review for random journals? [closed]

I often get automated emails about unwanted registrations to some review websites and asking me to review for random, typically paywalled journals. Is there any to stop or reduce that kind of spam? ...
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How much do for-profit companies pay for journal subscriptions?

We have these figures for universities: Reference for annual journal subscription costs paid per university? Do we have similar figures for companies (in theory, the ultimate end user)? For example, ...
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