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Some Ph.D. programs charge tuition fees. Others are competitive. Does a Ph.D. done by paying tuition fees have the same gravity as a Ph.D. done on stipend when it comes to an academic career? When ...
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Accepted as PhD student, but my funding application was rejected. Now my prospective PhD advisor recommends that I should bail out. What should I do? [duplicate]

I was recently accepted by a university as a PhD student. During the whole process, my potential supervisor agreed to supervise me along with some of his colleagues as my co-supervisor. Although, I ...
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Should I self-fund my PhD at one of the top 10 universities at UK? [duplicate]

I will start my PhD in the field of Biomedical Computer Vision soon at one of the top 10 universities at UK. I am an international student from Asia. But unfortunately I haven't received any source ...
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Getting a physics PhD from Cambridge with self funding? [duplicate]

I will probably not be able to secure any funding. I can self fund the costs, but I heard that this is looked down upon and most advisors would not want to spend time with me as I am inferior to ...
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University rank/stature - How much does it affect one's career post-Ph.D?

What I'm trying to understand is, to what degree does the status/rank of the University (where one completes his/her Ph.D) matter while shaping his/her career after graduation? I would like to know ...
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Why is getting a PhD considered "financially irresponsible" by some people? [closed]

I've been reading this question, whose premise is that going directly into industry after (presumably) just a bachelor's will make you more money than doing a PhD and then going into industry. To my ...
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I've been admitted to multiple PhD programs, how should I choose between them?

I've been admitted to more than one PhD program, and I'm having a very hard time making a decision. The programs I'm accepted to have advantages and disadvantages with respect to one another. How do I ...
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I am able to self-fund a PhD, how can I use this when applying?

Some candidates have the personal or family resources to self-fund their graduate studies, or already know that they are willing to take on debt for them (disregard whether this is a good idea, which ...
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Should I accept this unfunded offer from my dream school or wait for funded offers?

I just finished the grad school application process, and I'm getting my first letters of acceptance. I got one letter from one of my bottom three schools, one from a "middle of the pack" ...
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Implications of being accepted without funding to a computer science PhD in the United States?

I was accepted into Ohio State University CS PhD without funding. I have heard that people who can show their capability may get funding after getting into the program. Is this understanding correct? ...
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9 Years of PhD, bad supervision, no data. What should I do?

I am a PhD student since 9 years. I am working on medical technology where I need intra-operative surgical data. When I joined, I was told that they will have collaboration with hospitals and other ...
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How does having a PhD affect your chance of getting into a second PhD UK university in a different field UK university?

My friend has taken a unusual route in academia. She first did a bachelor and PhD in electrical engineering, fully funded by her scholarship. However, she told me that she has little interest in ...
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How can I make an informed decision on whether to do a PhD in engineering or not?

About me: About to start final year ChemE Top of class/grades Have completed 6 month co-ops in pharma and biopharma Liked the work but think that I would much prefer development or research type ...
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Easy (funded PhD) vs Hard Path (Unfunded MS) [closed]

Notes: I want to do PhD I understand that ranking doesn't say much and that the professor and the research is what is important AOI - Area of Interest This question is not personal nor opinionated ...
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How can a software engineer become competitive for a PhD position in computer science?

I'm looking to apply to grad school once my wife finishes her PhD next year. She has a post-doc lined up in Canada and I'm thinking during that time would be a great time for me to finally start mine (...
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