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Advisor professor asks for my dissertation research source code

I am a PhD student and I wrote a computer program for my dissertation research. Recently my advisor professor got a grant and she wants to use my computer program in her grant and she asks me for the ...
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Why does research cost so much money?

I have been dragged into an argument with someone who can't understand why millions are being raised to fund ALS research (that's the "ice bucket challenge", love it or hate it). He doesn't get why ...
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Can I request the code behind a research paper from the author?

I am in the field of computer science. It is often the case when I am reading a paper I start to wonder, "Wow stunning results, however, I would like to prove that." or "How exactly did he get these ...
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How often are results faked in computer science papers?

Especially in the the more experimental subfields of computer science like systems, how often are results faked? If there is no verification process for any code used, do researchers sometimes fake ...
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Ignored Requests Open-Source Software from a Research Group

For more than 6 weeks now, I have been attempting to contact a post-doc or their (former?) PI to request access to either the source code or software of a tool that was published in BMC Bioinformatics....
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How much effort do researchers take to publish their source code?

When publishing a paper, some researchers publish the source code used for the paper. Is there any research/study/survey/... that looked at how much effort do researchers take to publish their source ...
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I've reproduced a paper: where shall I share the code and findings?

The majority of papers don't share their code. However, I sometimes want to reproduce the results, and therefore re-code the experiments to try to reproduce the papers. Where shall I share the code, ...
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Could research data fall under the Freedom of Information Act?

When I refer to the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) I mean either the federal act or similarly implemented state laws. Clearly the validity of such requests would have to be limited to institutions ...
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Study of code share practices in science

I am searching for a study that presents statistics of how often you can get code that claims to be available in scientific communities. I found the following interesting study, which is very similar ...
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How much should we trust that the approach described in a paper solves the problem that it addresses as well as it claims to?

To be honest, I'm not sure how exactly to word my question in order not to cause any miss-understanding. During my literature review sometimes I encounter with researches which propose an approach ...
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Reference on the time it takes for a source code used for a research article to be released

Is there any research/study/survey/... that looked at how much time it takes for the authors of a research article to release the source code? Ideally I'm looking for an approximation distribution. ...
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