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Best Practice To Provide Contact Information in Paper

On the first page of most papers the authors are listed, as well as their affiliation and email address. The given email address is usually hosted by the university. Now this looks professional and ...
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How is Gmail better or worse than Alumni email or a temporary institutional email? [closed]

The majority of researchers use "edu" emails on their research publication, when some academia use Gmail as the corresponding address. Many of the young researchers do not have a permanent &...
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Is it appropriate if my current affiliation is different from the ending of my email address?

I have a permanent email aliasing from my previous institute. My current academic affiliation (let's pretend it is Horvord University) does NOT give me a permanent email address. Now, I am going to ...
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What email to use for corresponding author on publications when institution is not permanent?

What is the best email to use as corresponding author when publishing academic papers as a graduate student, postdoc, pre-tenured faculty or other potentially non-permanent position where your email ...
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When to use professional e-mail address during PhD application

When corresponding with administrators and/or academics regarding graduate school/PhD applications, are there any guidelines about which e-mail address to use (personal vs. professional)? In the non-...
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Etiquette with regard to email consolidation

Background: I am a fourth year math graduate student in the US. I currently have three active email accounts: personal (gmail), graduate university (windows live), and undergraduate university (also ...
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Email affiliation for an undergraduate student with a complex university address

Imagine I'm doing research on my own, and studying at a university. I publish this research, get accepted, and now I have to provide my affiliation. I have no problems of course using my university ...
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Does publishing a paper with a non-edu email influence the review process?

I saw many good papers on good journals (by Springer, Elsevier, IEEE, etc.) with a Gmail as a corresponding email. I'm about to submit a paper and since I don't have (yet) an academic email, I would ...
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Which email address should a student use in a publication?

So my student and I are writing a paper, my question is: Among [email protected] vs [email protected] which sounds more professional? I personally submitted ...
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What affiliation to put on an academic paper for alumni authors?

I finished my B.Sc in CS about 6 month ago and now I am writing a paper for a conference. before when I was a student I put my university and department name below my name as an author. but now I am ...
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Asking for official e-mail address from ex-employer University for publication?

I am no longer affiliated with a University. In the instance that I publish a paper (co-author or otherwise), is it appropriate for me to e-mail my old University and ask them for a staff e-mail? This ...
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Is there any non-commercial alternative to ResearcherID?

Identifying uniquely a researcher as author of a publication is important. There is a commercial effort to create researcher ID for every researcher. It is not likely to succeed if it is not multiple ...
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Changing mailing and e-mail addresses as corresponding author--which to include?

I finished my undergrad last year and have since been working in the private sector. I'm about to submit a paper with my senior thesis results. Two questions about corresponding author information: ...
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