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I submitted my paper in a hijacked journal [duplicate]

I encountered a huge problem, I submited my paper in a faked journal. I sent them several times about the result of reviewing process. The email answer was: Dear Author Please clarify what ...
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Paid for article in OMICS journal [duplicate]

I submitted an article to one of the OMICS journals and also paid for it only to find out they are a predatory journal. article not yet publish. Any advice what I should do?
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How do I identify predatory and low quality journals? With Beall's List gone, how can I tell if a journal is spam?

Jeffrey Beall removed his list of predatory journals from the internet this past Sunday. While the reasons for his doing this are not yet public, this is a real loss of a valuable service. Does anyone ...
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What to do when you have accidentally submitted an article to a predatory journal

I'm an inexperienced researcher and I made the stupid mistake of submitting my article to a predatory journal. I realised the journal was fake when they failed to provide the reviewers comments. I ...
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Do I need to wait for a journal to "consent" to paper withdrawal before submitting elsewhere?

I have a question about submission elsewhere and journal's "consent" of paper withdrawing. Recently I have withdrawn a paper of mine from a journal, which I want to submit elsewhere. Since I knew ...
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Do most customers choose predatory publishers knowingly?

In this comment, it was claimed: Predatory publishers thrive because when you apply for a job or a grant, few read your papers. They check the papers you pinpoint and the number of publcations. ...
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What to do if predatory journal won't withdraw paper after acceptance? [duplicate]

Last year, I’ve started an independent research in hopes to be published one day. Fast forwarding a year (a couple of weeks ago in fact), I have finished my manuscript in which I was planning to ...
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Withdrawal of accepted manuscript from predatory journal

I have sent a paper to the journal that was predatory and I had no idea what that was. Today, they sent me an email that I need to pay 1819 euros to publish my manuscript. On their internet pages ...
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Should I retract an article published in a disreputable journal?

I was published by the IJARCS in 2011 (International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer Science) and was wondering if I should retract my article due to the journal being disreputable. I am ...
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Possibly, quick acceptance for publication

Two days ago, a physics journal received my manuscript and today they informed me that the editor and reviewer accepted my manuscript for publication. this is the first time for me publishing a ...
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Open access publication fee [closed]

I am a young resercher from bangladesh. I have submitted a muniscript to SPGbiomed and the articale has been accepted. Now I have to pay the APC (article processing charge). Is there any grant who can ...
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What to do in case of academic dishonesty by organizers after getting published

I am trying to avoid academic dishonesty as far as possible. I have submitted a paper to a local journal and after getting published, I noticed that the editor-in-chief (who is also a professor in a ...
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