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Pure mathemathics: authors appearing in alphabetic order [duplicate]

So the title of the question is quite broad, I've seen a few of questions in the site regarding this particular topic (quite a few actually, so let me know if this is somehow a duplicate). My problem ...
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Does 'order' matter for authorship? [duplicate]

I'm wondering generally how can I identify the authorship of a paper? Some papers might have specific signs such as an asterisk or a dagger after an author's name, but for those who don't have any ...
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Is first authorship a big deal (in terms of highlighting it on CV, etc.)? [duplicate]

From August 2015 through August 2016 I was on a Nuclear/Radiation Physics based work placement in a scientific research institute, between my second and third years of my university Maths degree. I am ...
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Does still it matter to be the "first author" nowadays [duplicate]

It used to be that the first author (meaning, the author whose name comes before the others) is thought to have contributed most to the publication. But in the last couple of decades, it seems that ...
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What should be the order of the authors in a paper? [duplicate]

Should the first author be the one that worked the most? And then by the amount of work order (descending), but the last one the most-senior researcher? Are there other ways? Which ones? Does it ...
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First authorship in different fields [duplicate]

In most fields I'm familiar with, first authorship is for the lead author. But I've heard that it wasn't the case in some fields. Is that true?
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In which academic discipline, are authors listed in alphabetical order (exc. mathematics) [duplicate]

I know that pure mathematical journals list authors' names in alphabetical order. I wonder if there is another academic discipline that lists authors' names alphabetically.
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Have I embarassed my supervisors by solving a problem that a PhD student in my group was working on without success?

I'm a bachelor student in mathematics writing my thesis at a small university in the US. A PhD student that has the same supervisor has spent a very significant amount of time working exclusively on a ...
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Is someone who solely contributes negative feedback to a paper considered an author?

Say person A and person B are collaborating on a mathematics paper. It goes like this: person A repeatedly suggests proofs, and person B repeatedly finds flaws in them. Over time, this process ...
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Who deserves to be first and second author? PhD student who collected data, research associate who wrote the paper or supervisor? [closed]

I am composing a manuscript using data collected by a PhD student over two years. She doesn't have enough statistical or analytical skill to publish her work. On top of that, language is also a huge ...
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Is there an inflation in the number of authors per paper?

In most (or at least many) fields of academia, peer-reviewed publications are essential. For a compilation thesis, no papers means no PhD. For tenure, you need papers. To get grants, you need ...
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What does author order indicate?

When you look at a paper, what order to you assume the authors are in? Most important/most work done first or alphabetical? In my group we usually use alphabetic order, but I've been wondering if that ...
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Adviser wants to be joint first author, even though I did most of the research

In my research, my adviser only gives minimal advice that is limited to the direction of the research and defining the problems. I can say I do most of the thinking, the actual solutions of the ...
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How to share authorship in a 2-author paper where both contributed equally

I am currently in the following situation: Another person (not from my department) and I did a study together. The other person is an associate professor, I am a junior researcher (medical doctor). We ...
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Is there an ethical obligation to make author order reflect conventions in your field?

In some fields, authors of a paper are not ordered alphabetically; rather, their order carries some meaning related to the authors' contributions to the work. See What does first authorship really ...
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