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Earning a Phd at an older age [duplicate]

I have a masters degree in Physics and I have worked in Italian high school for 15 years. Now I'm 47 and I wish to have a bachelor or masters degree in Math, because I'd like to change job. How ...
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Too old for school? [duplicate]

I am almost 30 years old. I got my bachelor's many years ago, and I've been enjoying myself while in the industry. I am a practical person. However, for some reasons, I felt my technical skills were ...
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After 20+ years of lecturing, 3 masters (2 M.Sc.), at age of 54 years, is it feasible to start and finish a Ph.D., be hired as a Professor? [duplicate]

After 20+ years of (part-time) lecturing, 3 masters (out of which 2 M.Sc.), at age of 54 years, is it feasible to start and finish a Ph.D. and be hired as a Professor?
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Should I quit my PhD - workload, self-esteem and social life [closed]

I don't really want a degree. I just want to get married, and have weekends and evenings off, and chill out and play board games, and have nice conversations with friends, and have time to exercise ...
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How old is too old for a PhD?

Are there any age limits (formal, informal, or guidelines) that schools use when deciding to accept someone into a PhD program? I'm most curious about the upper age limits. For example, will most ...
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Age and Graduate school

I am 33. I live in the US. I am a neither a US citizen, nor a green card holder. I have worked in various jobs as a research assistant (physics, biology, economics) usually involving programming, ...
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46 year old CPA wants to earn reputable doctorate - need advice

I am new to this forum and need/want advice. I am 46 years old, hold a CPA license and have a Macc from an AACSB accredited university. My goal is to obtain a doctoral degree and research/teach at a ...
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How important is age in CS PhD admissions?

I just entered a MS in Computer Science in a mid tier state school. I'm interested in taking things to the next level, but I just turned 30. By the time I do the math and everything, I'll probably ...
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How much do my career prospects suffer if I start a mathematics/CS PhD. at the age of 27?

I was doing a PhD in a different subject and that was going nowhere and I lost interest in everything that I was doing. But I always loved mathematics and during the dark days of my 3rd of my (former) ...
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Paper or doctorate thesis?

I have completed some work that I believe could well be worth a Ph.D. I have been working completely in private, with no affiliation with any academic institution. I would like to use this work to ...
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Will my age affect my chances of finding a funded PhD position?

I just finished my masters studies. My question is, will my age (29) affect my chances of getting a funded PhD position? I finished Bachelor of Engineering when I was 24 (took 6 years to graduate, ...
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Am I too old for academia after a PhD? [duplicate]

Currently, I am applying for PhD positions at United States and Canadian Universities. I will be 35 when I start my PhD in Computer Science/Machine Learning, and probably I will finish it around the ...
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Is it alright to be out of academia for a while before applying for academic or research-only positions?

I am 15 now. If I quit high school now and start a BSc around age 35 and finish my PhD around age 45, is it possible to find a job in some university after being out of academia for so long?
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Median age at doctorate by field of study and country?

This excellent answer to another question offers some statistics on median age of doctorate recipients from U.S. universities in 2009, across different disciplines. However, we know that there is ...
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Ph.D At mid 40s - US - Lecturer [closed]

A quick question. If someone start his/her Ph.D at the age of 44 and finish it by 50, what are the chances of joining academic world as a tenured lecturer in US
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