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Should I resend the emails if professor do not reply to my email? [duplicate]

So I'm sending emails to professors right now (during summer break) to get letters. However, some just didn't reply at all, some replied to my previous saying "I don't know if my major is related to ...
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A potential supervisor didn't respond to my email. It's been a week, does this mean he's not interested? [duplicate]

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Why would a professor not reply? [duplicate]

A professor has offered me a summer research project at his lab. The last we had talked was on a Zoom call during which I was offered the position. He had then asked me to send my academic records ...
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Is ignoring emails acceptable in academia?

As a grad student, I just find it tremendously frustrating when emails are ignored by faculty (both at my institution and at other places). Is this acceptable? I'd be content with a simple response ...
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My new advisor didn't reply to my email, is it a sign that she doesn't care?

I am a 2nd year graduate student in physics, at one of the top 20 universities in the US. This semester, I am supposed to start a research project with a professor who agreed already to be my thesis ...
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How to proceed if a professor does not answer the request for letter of recommendation?

I have written an email to a professor asking him for a letter of recommendation. It's been almost a week and he didn't answer back. I have already seen questions on this topic here, saying that when ...
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How to handle unprofessionalism in academia? [closed]

This question is in part related to this question and this one. In my case, I’m part of a double-degree Master’s programme¹, and am having a lot of difficulties at my German exit university. There are ...
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What to do when haven't heard back from potential supervisor who is moving?

I had contacted a potential supervisor and got a positive response from him. He said that he is interested but he said we should do a skype interview first. He also stated that he is moving to another ...
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What should I do a potential supervisor doesn't reply after I send the research proposal to him? [duplicate]

A potential suprvisor (British university) gave me a positive response after my first email, and asked me to send a more detailed research proposal to him. I send it to him on the 14th of July, and ...
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What to do if international student exchange supervisor doesn't answer my email?

I am applying for an exchange program in Romania next semester. The teacher in Romania sent a research topic one month ago to my teacher (So I guess they both found an agreement and I should be able ...
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