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Editor rejected manuscript claiming it is similar to a not-yet-published manuscript (that I haven't seen). How to proceed?

A few months ago, I submitted a manuscript. After the reviews were completed I received a rejection decision from the Associate Editor (AE). The rejection was based on the basis of a single rejection ...
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My research work stolen and published as his own by the co-author without my consent

My research paper was stolen by the co-author and published as his own. What do I do? All the data the paper is based on is my own work. I got it accepted in another journal but now I cannot get it ...
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How do I ensure I'll be able to claim authorship over a math proof, as an amateur math student?

I found proof for an open math problem. I know it likely has flaws, but I can't catch any and I'd like to put the proof out for revision. But without losing the credit for it, in case it turns out to ...
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How can I timestamp my paper without violating double-blind review?

I submitted a paper to a top tier conference and it did not get accepted. The paper contains an original idea, and I am afraid that the paper could get plagiarized between the time I send it to ...
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How can an author get assurance that his work will not be stolen by journal staff or reviewers?

Suppose some author provides his original research article to a journal for publication. In this way, he is disclosing or revealing his confidential research work to that journal. Now, consider the ...
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How can I deal with a significant flaw I found in my previous supervisor’s paper?

Suppose that I found a technical flaw in one of the papers coauthored by my previous advisor. This mistake will substantially change their major result, but their contribution will be still worthwhile ...
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Arxiv equivalent for medical research article

I'm looking for a suggestion, for a medical journal counter part to the arxiv. A minimal frill, open access online repository to time stamp articles with some visibility.
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Collaborator published paper on ArXiv without my name

In the last four months, I have been working on a project with a friend. After the completion of writing part of paper, I started searching for conferences and found that my friend had already ...
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Is GitHub adequate for purposes of giving a manuscript a timestamp to protect against plagiarism?

I wrote a paper that I want to put on my webpage, but that I don't want to publish anywhere. I think that I need a timestamp on it, in case someone decides to plagiarize it. Is GitHub adequate for ...
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What provisions exist to handle scooping when there are multiple reviews of research papers?

Point 1: At my university, it's a practice (not compulsory) to submit our conference/journal paper first to a department where it is checked for plagiarism and quality. Then it's sent to professors in ...
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How does one manage to "time stamp" their physics paper without submitting it to a preprint server like arXiv?

Say, I have a paper written up. I wish to publish it in a reputed journal without submitting it to arXiv. The first journal(A) I submit it to rejects it. I send the paper to a 2nd journal (B) for ...
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How can I send a manuscript to acquaintances without getting scammed?

I have a manuscript ready for submission. However, I would like to send it to some other doctoral students in my country for them to proofread. These two persons are not my friends, we met on a ...
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Protecting unpublished or under review papers from theft [duplicate]

Would you please guide me how can I protect my under review or under revision papers from theft. It is possible that my papers have been stolen and they will be submitted to another journal. maybe a ...
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