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When is it acceptable to report classmates who cheat on an exam? [duplicate]

So for one of my computer science classes, we have a WhatsApp chat among all students in the class to network and help each other out with questions regarding homework, or if we have any confusion on ...
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why should you tell on a cheater on a test? [duplicate]

how would you tell on a cheater?
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Moral dilemma in unwittingly being paid to complete a student's work

I am a computer science freelancer who takes on medium-sized projects I can complete in a month or less. I was approached by someone who wanted a set of 12 tutorials at least 500 words each about ...
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Fellow student asked question from take-home exam on Stack Exchange

In an advanced university course on computer science and problem solving, one of my fellow students asked for a solution to a home exam on one of the Stack Exchange sites. The question he asked is ...
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Should I cheat if the majority does it?

I'm taking the last and hardest exams of my master degree. During the exams we aren't allowed to use anything else but our brain. Cheating is pretty easy though: one has the lecture notes and all the ...
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Should I prepare new homework exercises each year, 20% of the final grade is homework?

This year I prepare a new course (in programming, but it could be any other course). I spend a lot of effort in creating homework exercises. This is fun, but also very time-consuming. I wonder if I ...
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Accused of cheating due to the time accounted by Blackboard

Since the exams this year for college is online, there is a timer. Usually, when I start an exam I click a random answer choice or what I think is right at that moment. Once I finish most of it, I go ...
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I Plagiarised, what punishment can I expect?

I am a university student, doing a scientific bachelor study. I plagiarised multiple exercises from multiple homework sets for three different classes, all in all about 50% of all the homework for ...
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Is it more ethical to hire a tutor to prepare or to cheat on a test? [closed]

This question was inspired by this fascinating discussion about cheating. If grades, degrees, test scores are important for getting a job/internship/assistantship, even more so than the actual ...
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As a referee, what should I do if I think the other reviewer of a paper is not objective?

I was recently asked to referee a paper for a "moderate" but perfectly acceptable Elsevier journal, with an impact factor of around 1. The article in question was very poorly written, had several ...
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As a master's student, I found evidence of blatant cheating during take-home assessments. Should I report this? How?

I am doing my Masters in Mathematics at a reputable university in the UK. I am taking a statistical programming class. There has been a lot of cheating so far. Due to Covid, we have two forms of ...
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Friend's Involvement in Plagiarism [duplicate]

So, I've edited the question to hopefully give more clarity on the situation: I've recently learned that my friend ( A ) assisted in plagiarism for another student ( B ) by completing the vast ...
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Does grading based on a curve make cheating unfair?

I went through this and still can't fathom why cheating isn't black-and-white. Nevertheless, says, "A cheater receives through deception what honest ...
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