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Is doing two PhDs a good path?

I am studying a combined bachelor of engineering (electrical) and bachelor of mathematics; I just started this year and will graduate in 2018. The reason why I am doing double degrees and not a single ...
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Is the “purpose” of a Ph.D. merely to gain general entry into the world of professional research, or is the research topic critically specific?

I myself may some day wish to do a Ph.D. I have sometimes thought about if I would want to choose a theorist or academician whose work and whose personality I gravitate towards, even if I am not ...
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Why is having multiple PhDs frowned upon?

I've often read that having more than one PhD is badly seen. Is there a good reason for this? Good obviously means with some kind of evidence to back it up beyond plain and simple "personal experience"...
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Considering a second PhD, this time in statistics. Will any professors be interested in working with me? [duplicate]

I have a PhD in applied mathematics from a top university. I didn't realise it at the time because I was so focussed on my research, but it seems my research area (numerical analysis of PDEs) is ...
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Transition from PhD to postdoc with an intent to change field

I'm in the following situation: In 3 months, I'll finish my PhD in theoretical physics, and I'm certain that I want to pursue an academic career. However, I'm just as certain that my PhD research is a ...
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How easy is it to transition from STEM to the social sciences?

I am almost done with my bachelor's degree in a STEM field (Computer Science). I wanted to ask if it is possible to transition into the social sciences, after I am done with my bachelor's? I'm ...
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Switching research line at 2+years in post-doc

I am 2+ years in my first postdoc. In my PhD and beginning of my post-doc, my expertise was multidisciplinary: it linked different thematics. However I am getting a bit “bored” by this research line, ...
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Practical aspects -- how to change subfields between PhD and postdoc?

For the context of the question, I'm interested in switching between different areas of a field -- e.g. I did my PhD in biological physics mainly involving simulations on a specific biological system, ...
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Is just after your PhD a good time to switch your research area? [duplicate]

I am finishing my PhD soon. The area in which I pursued my PhD is very challenging as I was only able to publish couple of papers even after spending many years. I want to switch into other research ...
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How to: Change of research field after thesis [duplicate]

I'll soon have finished my PhD in mathematics in a not top ranked university, and as far as I see it, my thesis is not going to be especially impressive. My goal after the defense is to either leave ...
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Switching fields after MA

I am a Ph.D. student at a top 15 program in my current social science field, I'll call it field X. My research is interdisciplinary standing at the intersection of field X and another field Y. I ...
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Is a second PhD a good way to change research direction as I approach finishing my PhD? [duplicate]

I am sorry here but I am very anxious about my future. The conditions are as follows: There is only one year left before I get my PhD in physics major. I need to finish my dissertation in 6 months. ...
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Is it possible to do two PhDs in physics in two distinct subfields?

I'm aware that the idea of undertaking two separate PhDs has been widely discussed in this forum, with the general consensus advising against it. However, I'm specifically interested if it's possible ...
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Working in HEP TH with a background primarily in HEP PH [duplicate]

I've just started a PhD in QCD phenomenology and Quarkonia. While I'm quite happy with the work at the moment, I suppose I do have a romanticised view of working in theory. How feasible is it for me ...
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What is the most common way to change fields in academia? [duplicate]

If you are a young scientist, how can you change fields? Is it better to make one big leap and apply directly to a new job or postdoc or trying to make small consecutive steps during your current job? ...
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Changing fields after PhD? [duplicate]

I have two fields that I am interested in. Field A is historical and requires me to learn two new languages and I would love to focus on this first. Field B is more accessible, that is, there are no ...
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Does the theme and field of activity in the process of working on PhD give freedom or impose more restrictions?

I was thinking about what kind of future a person can build who has gone through the defense of a dissertation and received a PhD. On this part of the path, the young scientist managed to work in some ...
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Changing Subfields after PhD in psychology

I am trying to understand the degree of difficulty that a psychologist might experience changing subdisciplines (excluding clinical/school/industrial-organizational). For example, could someone who is ...
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Switching fields from Theoretical Physics to Linguistics

Background: I obtained a PhD in Theoretical Physics/Mathematical Physics in 2015 and have been working as a post-doctoral researcher in various institutions since. In the past few years, I developed a ...
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Master degree after getting a PhD degree [duplicate]

I completed my Ph.D. studies and was rewarded a Doctorate degree in Dental science, with a major in Biomaterials for odontology and orthopedic bone regeneration purposes. Although I like my field. I ...
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I have a PhD from Russia, is it realistic to find a postdoc/job in a field unrelated to my degree in the US? Should I do another MA or PhD?

As mentioned in this very good post (How) Can I switch from field X to field Y after getting my PhD? In some cultures/fields, it is common to take a short master’s degree, summer school, or “boot ...
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Applying for a PhD in a different area

I've seen many posts in this website about changing fields (sample: 1, 2, 3, etc...). This is very reassuring for me, since I wanted to do just that. Just to sum up, I want to study an area of ...
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