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Is doing two PhDs a good path?

I am studying a combined bachelor of engineering (electrical) and bachelor of mathematics; I just started this year and will graduate in 2018. The reason why I am doing double degrees and not a single ...
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Is the “purpose” of a Ph.D. merely to gain general entry into the world of professional research, or is the research topic critically specific?

I myself may some day wish to do a Ph.D. I have sometimes thought about if I would want to choose a theorist or academician whose work and whose personality I gravitate towards, even if I am not ...
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Why is having multiple PhDs frowned upon?

I've often read that having more than one PhD is badly seen. Is there a good reason for this? Good obviously means with some kind of evidence to back it up beyond plain and simple "personal experience"...
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Considering a second PhD, this time in statistics. Will any professors be interested in working with me? [duplicate]

I have a PhD in applied mathematics from a top university. I didn't realise it at the time because I was so focussed on my research, but it seems my research area (numerical analysis of PDEs) is ...
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Transition from PhD to postdoc with an intent to change field

I'm in the following situation: In 3 months, I'll finish my PhD in theoretical physics, and I'm certain that I want to pursue an academic career. However, I'm just as certain that my PhD research is a ...
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How easy is it to transition from STEM to the social sciences?

I am almost done with my bachelor's degree in a STEM field (Computer Science). I wanted to ask if it is possible to transition into the social sciences, after I am done with my bachelor's? I'm ...
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Switching research line at 2+years in post-doc

I am 2+ years in my first postdoc. In my PhD and beginning of my post-doc, my expertise was multidisciplinary: it linked different thematics. However I am getting a bit “bored” by this research line, ...
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