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Is just after your PhD a good time to switch your research area? [duplicate]

I am finishing my PhD soon. The area in which I pursued my PhD is very challenging as I was only able to publish couple of papers even after spending many years. I want to switch into other research ...
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Changing fields after PhD? [duplicate]

I have two fields that I am interested in. Field A is historical and requires me to learn two new languages and I would love to focus on this first. Field B is more accessible, that is, there are no ...
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What is the most common way to change fields in academia? [duplicate]

If you are a young scientist, how can you change fields? Is it better to make one big leap and apply directly to a new job or postdoc or trying to make small consecutive steps during your current job? ...
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How to: Change of research field after thesis [duplicate]

I'll soon have finished my PhD in mathematics in a not top ranked university, and as far as I see it, my thesis is not going to be especially impressive. My goal after the defense is to either leave ...
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Working in HEP TH with a background primarily in HEP PH [duplicate]

I've just started a PhD in QCD phenomenology and Quarkonia. While I'm quite happy with the work at the moment, I suppose I do have a romanticised view of working in theory. How feasible is it for me ...
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Is doing two PhDs a good path?

I am studying a combined bachelor of engineering (electrical) and bachelor of mathematics; I just started this year and will graduate in 2018. The reason why I am doing double degrees and not a single ...
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Why is having multiple PhDs frowned upon?

I've often read that having more than one PhD is badly seen. Is there a good reason for this? Good obviously means with some kind of evidence to back it up beyond plain and simple "personal experience"...
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Is the “purpose” of a Ph.D. merely to gain general entry into the world of professional research, or is the research topic critically specific?

I myself may some day wish to do a Ph.D. I have sometimes thought about if I would want to choose a theorist or academician whose work and whose personality I gravitate towards, even if I am not ...
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Considering a second PhD, this time in statistics. Will any professors be interested in working with me? [duplicate]

I have a PhD in applied mathematics from a top university. I didn't realise it at the time because I was so focussed on my research, but it seems my research area (numerical analysis of PDEs) is ...
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Transition from PhD to postdoc with an intent to change field

I'm in the following situation: In 3 months, I'll finish my PhD in theoretical physics, and I'm certain that I want to pursue an academic career. However, I'm just as certain that my PhD research is a ...
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How easy is it to transition from STEM to the social sciences?

I am almost done with my bachelor's degree in a STEM field (Computer Science). I wanted to ask if it is possible to transition into the social sciences, after I am done with my bachelor's? I'm ...
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Practical aspects -- how to change subfields between PhD and postdoc?

For the context of the question, I'm interested in switching between different areas of a field -- e.g. I did my PhD in biological physics mainly involving simulations on a specific biological system, ...
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Does the theme and field of activity in the process of working on PhD give freedom or impose more restrictions?

I was thinking about what kind of future a person can build who has gone through the defense of a dissertation and received a PhD. On this part of the path, the young scientist managed to work in some ...
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Is a second PhD a good way to change research direction as I approach finishing my PhD? [duplicate]

I am sorry here but I am very anxious about my future. The conditions are as follows: There is only one year left before I get my PhD in physics major. I need to finish my dissertation in 6 months. ...
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I have a PhD from Russia, is it realistic to find a postdoc/job in a field unrelated to my degree in the US? Should I do another MA or PhD?

As mentioned in this very good post (How) Can I switch from field X to field Y after getting my PhD? In some cultures/fields, it is common to take a short master’s degree, summer school, or “boot ...
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