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Should I call my adviser by her first name?

I have worked with my adviser for a few months as a graduate student. Everyone, including her other graduate students, seems to call her by her first name. She never expressed a preference to me, so I'...
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Should your PhD students call you by your first name?

I've read at least one career advice essay that calls out asking your PhD students to call you by your first name as unprofessional. My coworkers and I always called our PhD advisor by his first name,...
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Is it OK to call a professor by his first name when he/she signs emails by only first name?

If a professor in a North American country presents his- or herself by his/her first name in email messages, does this mean that students can refer to him/her by his/her first name? Or is this ...
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Should I address my professors by first name in emails if my peers are doing so already? [duplicate]

I'm starting a grad school and I'm used to start my emails to all my professors with "Dear Professor Smith", even though they respond with their first name at the end of their emails ("...
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Do german professors like to be called "Herr X"?

I am a German student at a German university. I and everyone I know usually addresses my professors with "Herr Lastname" or "Frau Lastname". Sometimes I wonder whether they would prefer if I addressed ...
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After initial contact, how long should I address a professor as "Dr. Smith" or "Professor Smith"?

Let's assume that I've contacted professors in the United States and referred to them appropriately as "Dr. Smith" or "Professor Smith" based on their having attained a Ph.D. If they respond to me ...
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At what point can I call my professor by their first names as an undergraduate research student? [duplicate]

I'm currently working closely with a professor on a research project as an undergrad student. I always address her by her last name: Dr.xx. However, this makes me feel distant from her.. I am ...
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Is it acceptable for me (an undergrad) to call professors and other research professionals by their first names? [duplicate]

I'm a second-year undergrad, and I've always been on a first-name basis with anyone in academia or in a research setting. I first worked in a laboratory in high school, and since everyone was on a ...
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Is it OK to call an editor by her first name when she addresses me by first name? [duplicate]

I sent an edited volume proposal to a series editor, and she replied, starting her email with: "Dear [my first name] (if I may?)". She also signed with her first name. I'm fine with first-...
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Switching from formal to informal in email

I have contacted a supervisor (call him Dr Thomas Riddle) to chat about an advertised PhD project, writing Dear Dr Riddle, to which he replied with Hi Luis, and he signed off with Tom. In my ...
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Can I address my professors by their first name? [closed]

A couple of my professors always signs off on their emails with their first name only, such as, "best, Simon". Does this mean that I could write my emails to them with, "Dear Simon" or "Hi Simon" ......
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What is the proper way of addressing a professor whom I work with? [duplicate]

I am a graduate student. Some part of my master thesis requires me to contact a professor from another university. In the first email I addressed him as "Dear Professor Smith". He started his reply ...
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