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Should I share my horrible software?

After I had published my paper, some people asked me to share the software that I developed. At first, I was very happy that my paper attracted some attention, and I was happy to share not only the ...
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Why are papers without code but with results accepted?

I just started reading some papers (Computer Science, specifically Computer Vision) and thought "now let's look at the source code" and was quite astonished that most of the papers don't have any ...
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Best-practice models for "research" code?

I have been a professional software developer for a number of years, I'm also an academic researcher - and my research has involved lots of software development. I sometimes feel as though my ...
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How do you balance producing results with learning new skills?

On the one hand, I'd like to produce a few graphs every week so my project can move forward. Taking a month off to learn a new programming language, do a literature review, or work through a relevant ...
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How to respond to the trivialisation of one’s work and unjustified demands for a considerable extension of the research?

I am a graduate student in engineering whose work includes a lot of programming and implementation of the developed theories. I am not a computer scientist, but I am a fairly skilled programmer, at ...
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Can I request the code behind a research paper from the author?

I am in the field of computer science. It is often the case when I am reading a paper I start to wonder, "Wow stunning results, however, I would like to prove that." or "How exactly did he get these ...
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How to start an academic career after 5-6 years in industry, without an undergraduate degree?

As an undergraduate, I wasted a ridiculous amount of time due to a combination of being distracted by part-time work, lack of focus, not knowing what I wanted to do with my life, and just plain being ...
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Should I apply for a PhD position with required programming skills which I do not have?

I did my master's thesis last month and have seen one excellent PhD position in my field. The title and the project description was very close to my master's thesis. My master's thesis relates to one ...
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How to deal with non-reproducible research?

For context, I am a PhD student in bioinformatics, working partly in development of new statistical models and partly in applying models to data. I recently came across a paper which describes an ...
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Is it realistic to deal with a huge undocumented code base for master's project?

I'm currently pursuing a Master's degree in a STEM field and working on a thesis. For my master's thesis, my advisor suggested I expand the code of the group's software and add new features to it. ...
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Am I responsible for reproducing results if open-sourced code is bad? [closed]

In computational research, authors of publications are often required to open-source their code. However, while having open-sourced one's code improves chance for journal/conference acceptance, ...
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Should I do handover of tools and methodologies I have developed?

In some months my contract at a research university will end. During my employment I have developed tools and methodologies that are of interest to the research group. At present, I am the only ...
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