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I have received a Japanese government scholarship for research and masters degree. While I originally thought it would be easy to get in touch with a professor after having received the scholarship, ...
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How do admissions to UK PhD programs work? [duplicate]

I know that in the US people apply for PhD programs, with a rough a idea in their heads what interests them, as PhD's take much longer and include time to explore the subject. How does this work for ...
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How to search for a PhD student opening in Japan? [duplicate]

I noticed that the Japanese universities almost never advertise for open PhD student positions on the websites such as or or researchgate. I tried to check some ...
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I have a supervisor for an individual Phd in germany. What now? [duplicate]

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Can someone with low master's grades be accepted to a scholarship for phd program? [duplicate]

I have a bachelor's degree in mathematics with grade 15.5/20 and M1+M2 degrees together 12.2/20. (French system university) (M2 degree in differential geometry and geometric control). I want to apply ...
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Can an applicant who has 16 years of education directly apply for PhD admission in electrical engineering at US universities? [duplicate]

Can an applicant who has 16 years of education (BS Electronics Engineering) directly apply for a PhD position in electrical engineering at US universities? Or are they only eligible for admission in ...
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Finding Emails for Japanese Professors [duplicate]

I'm an American Student Specializing in history, applying for a Fulbright program to Japan. Part of that Application process is securing a letter of affiliation from a Japanese university, Professor, ...
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Which is more common in Europe - applying for a 'PHD Program' or coming up with a research Q? I still don't fully understand the application process [duplicate]

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Pursuing a UK PhD with a Greek BSc + research experience [duplicate]

I am beginning my final semester of my 4-year undergraduate program, studying Informatics (Computer Science) in Greece, and I expect to graduate this September. I would like to pursue a PhD in the ...
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How much is PhD admission procedure in France different from that in UK? [duplicate]

I live in an Asian country and I have planned to apply to PhD positions in France and UK in Pure mathematics. I wrote to one professor saying that I am interested in his work and would like to work ...
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Can I pursue my passion, wanting to be researcher? [duplicate]

I am in poor circumstances now, wanting to be a theoretical physicist, I wanted this path from my heart and can't think anything other than it. Currently my_qualifications are 80% Class 10(2020), 84% ...
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USA undergraduate seeking advice for PhD from Europe [duplicate]

I am hoping someone reading this can help me in this area. I am an Applied Chemistry undergraduate and I want to earn my PhD, however ,the PhD programs in the US are very long spanning about 5-7 ...
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How are Ph.D. applications evaluated in the US, particularly for weak or borderline students? Am I likely to get into school X?

This is a special community wiki 'canonical' question that aggregates advice on a frequently-asked question. See this meta discussion. Please feel free to edit this question to improve it. When ...
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Impress potential PhD advisor with my work, will it backfire?

I am an international student trying to contact a potential PhD advisor in the US. I believe I have solved an important question in my field. To contact the potential PhD advisor, I will mention that ...
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Why do Masters + PhD, when you can just do a PhD and then do a PostDoc?

Let's say someone (me) is having a tough time deciding if they want to concentrate in machine learning or complexity theory. Instead of doing a masters first to explore research/coursework in both ...
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