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How to find a reputable open access journal? [duplicate]

I found few open access journals that show quite good quality articles. However, I have been advised that open access journals may be predatory. When I searched websites, I was surprised that all ...
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How do you judge the quality of a journal?

A colleague and I recently submitted a paper to a journal with an impressive-sounding name, the "International Journal of Artificial Intelligence and Computational Research". According to ...
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Is it OK to add citations from low impact factor journals?

For example, let us consider that I write a manuscript which is to be submitted to one of the prestigious journals such as PRL, PRB, etc. In this manuscript, is it OK to cite from some journals which ...
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How can I determine whether a conference is reputable?

I recently received an invitation to a conference and I'm trying to determine how reputable it is. Is there a good way to go about this?
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Journal employees offering free publication in return for co-authorship and citations: is it a scam?

Some of my colleagues and I got offers from employees of some reputed journal (not from journal itself), to publish our research paper for free, if: We include their name as co-author We use 60%+ ...
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How to find out the average duration of the peer-review process for a given journal?

I have a mathematics paper ready for publishing, but I can't decide to which journal should I publish it. The main thing based on which I want to publish the paper to a specific journal is its short ...
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How serious can this review invitation be?

I published my first article a while ago, nothing special, just rigorous formalization of some well-known facts. Now I got a mail writing We have read about your published precious paper in ...
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How can I withdraw a publication from a predatory (fake) journal and resubmit to a legitimate journal?

I have published a paper in a fake journal. I want to withdraw the paper from that journal. After successful withdrawal from the fake journal, can I can submit the same paper to a legitimate journal?...
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Is there any disadvantage to having open-access publications?

Is there any compulsory rule for researchers to have publications in restricted access publication platforms? What if one has majority of his publications in open access journals?
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Publish paper without consulting project guide?

I graduated with engineering degree. I (along with 2 other) had done project on SDN, and we have a research paper to publish. But our project guide(, and former project guide ) is forcing us to ...
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Are there usually consequences for attempted duplicate publication?

I recently reviewed a paper for a (reasonably reputable) journal and found that it was already published (verbatim, by the same authors) in another journal (a fake one). I wrote the following review: "...
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How to interpret reviews that focus only on grammar mistakes but a decision of "consider after major changes"?

I recently received the reviews for an article I submitted a few months back to a journal. Reviewers did not comment on the results proved; i.e., they did not indicate the presence of any errors in ...
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Should I include a paper with a low impact factor in my CV

I'm a Masters Student who has an old paper. I wrote a paper years ago with a research group in my old school. However, it's a really simple idea and was published in a not very reputed journal (Impact ...
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Which is more important for PhD applicants — Quality or quantity of research papers?

While applying to a PhD program in computer science, which one is more important? Publishing 4 or 5 medium/low-quality journal or conference papers or publishing only one paper in a top journal? The ...
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How to publish under a Creative Commons license?

I will defend my PhD thesis soon and I currently have a bunch of papers in a finalization phase. As first author of these papers, and as my work is funded with public money, I am very uncomfortable ...
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