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Considering a second PhD, this time in statistics. Will any professors be interested in working with me? [duplicate]

I have a PhD in applied mathematics from a top university. I didn't realise it at the time because I was so focussed on my research, but it seems my research area (numerical analysis of PDEs) is ...
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Is a second PhD ever necessary? [duplicate]

I'm an undergraduate student. I used to think that a PhD certifies a person as an expert in a specific topic of a specific field. I've now been told that while that's true, a PhD most importantly ...
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Should I do a second PhD after a bad one? [duplicate]

I am expected to finish my Ph.D. by the end of the year and I am seriously considering going for a second one. After finishing my master's in Biomedical Engineering, I became interested in Machine ...
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Is it allowed/legal to do two PhDs at once in slightly different subjects? [duplicate]

I am doing a Ph.D. in a university in New Zealand. I started 3 months ago and am about two years away from finishing. Since they do not issue visas (due to the pandemic), I had to start online and ...
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Second PhD after a not successful PhD and not being trained enough by professor [duplicate]

It is my fifth year of graduate studies in chemistry. I haven't had enough training from my professor and I don't have enough confidence to do even a post-doc. It is so close to my graduation, that I ...
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What to expect when pursuing a second doctorate in an unrelated field [duplicate]

Long story short: I got a PhD a few years ago (let's say, in numerical methods for nonlinear PDEs). I've since gotten experience with a couple post-docs and a variety of collaborators, but I'm not ...
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Is obtaining Multiple PhDs in two different and barely related disciplines detrimental to the career? [duplicate]

My situation is like this: I have tried to obtain an MS in CS/CSE but failed. Now, I am studying an MA in Education and planning to get a Ph.D. in Education. After that, my plan is to get a Ph.D. ...
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I want to keep doing the sort of work I've been doing as a PhD student, rather than becoming a supervisor or bureaucrat. Can I remain a PhD student? [duplicate]

Note: I am aware of this other post that covers why doing many PhDs in different subjects is not a good path. My question is different: can I do multiple PhDs in the same subject, or very similar ...
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Want to pursue a second PhD [duplicate]

I have already completed my PhD in Earthquake Engineering with soil dynamics specialization and recently joined as an assistant professor in a state university. In my PhD, although I got couple of ...
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Is a second PhD a good way to change research direction as I approach finishing my PhD? [duplicate]

I am sorry here but I am very anxious about my future. The conditions are as follows: There is only one year left before I get my PhD in physics major. I need to finish my dissertation in 6 months. ...
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Does it make sense to do two PhDs? Sociolinguistics and History [duplicate]

I am currently enrolled in a PhD program in the discipline of Sociolinguistics. Even though I like my topic of research and I am doing quite well, I cannot get over the fact that the discipline that I ...
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Should I do another PhD? [duplicate]

I have completed my PhD in chemistry in an area which doesn’t have scope to get job or a postdoc position. Now I’m at the age of 29–30, I’m not eligible to write CSIR, a public eligibility test for ...
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Second PhD in Astro after a PhD in CMT (Physics) [duplicate]

Okay here is the current situation. I am entering my second year in my PhD program and most of my options of joining the Theoretical astrophysics groups are closed ( no professors working in that ...
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How to convince a Doctoral Committee to accept me as a PhD student when I already have a PhD in a similar field? [duplicate]

I have completed my Ph.D dissertation in Pure Mathematics this year from a relatively lesser known University. I have been through these questions like Considering a second PhD, this time in ...
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Second phd in top rank university but online. [duplicate]

Folks, I have received my phd from a university ranked 60 in usnews and had one year of post doc work after. Right now I am a non tenure track teaching professor at a wellknown university. Eversince I ...
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