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Can I still publish a paper in an IEEE transaction journal after uploading it to the arXiv? [duplicate]

I read often that preprint servers such as arXiv are changing how we publish. However, no one in my area of medical imaging uses them and they are regarded in my lab with suspicion. I currently have ...
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If I upload a draft of my paper to arXiv, will I still be able to publish in an IEEE or ACM publication? [duplicate]

Since IEEE/ACM will eventually own the copyright of the papers they publish, and since they charge for access to papers, if I have a paper on arXiv is that a problem for them?
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Why upload to academic preprint sites like arXiv?

The recent question about the legality of uploading to arXiv made me realize that I don't have any understanding of why one would upload to a preprint site. (I don't work in a field where they seem ...
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Are there any examples for an ArXiv publication nurturing or preventing plagiarism?

First of all, this is about plagiarism in the sense of stealing ideas. Copy-and-paste plagiarism is included but not likely to happen in the cases relevant for this question. Considering the ...
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IEEE conference chair asked to take down the arXiv version of the paper within 24 hours

Recently, an article by one of my colleagues had been accepted at an IEEE conference, and about a week ago, he presented it on the main track. He published a preprint of this paper (without final ...
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What should I do if I uploaded my manuscript in arxiv and plan to pass it on a peer reviewed journal?

I have a question related to this post, Is it legal to upload a paper to arXiv when it is under double blind review for one of the IEEE journals? What should I do if I uploaded my manuscript on ...
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Can i put the submitted paper in the arxiv?

I'm not so familiar about the regulations regarding arxiv and conference papers. Recently i submitted a conference paper and it's under review, but i couldn't put all the supplementary materials (...
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In a camera ready paper (has been accepted), how to cite my own paper that is still under blind review?

Please Note I am asking how to cite a paper under blind-reviewed in an accepted paper, NOT a new paper to be submitted. Chronologically, First, I submitted paper A that requires double-blind review....
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Why would a conference discourage authors to submit their papers to pre-submissions platforms (e.g., arXiv) before submitting them to the conference?

I asked some conference organizers whether authors may submit papers to arXiv before submitting to the conference, and got the following reply: though not encouraging it, [conference name] allows ...
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Personal project vs. blind peer review

As a researcher in industry, I am interested in pursuing personal projects in my field (computer science) in order to improve my potential employability. With that objective in mind, I'd like to ...
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