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Three given names, the second being my calling name: what to put on paper? [duplicate]

I have three given names, say Adam John Isaac. Furthermore I have one family name, say Harris. (The names are not my own, but the initials are.) On this website, I read that I can freely choose which ...
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On the use of hypocorisms on publications and university personnel list [duplicate]

Suppose my legal name is Stephen and that everyone (family, friends, and also colleagues and professors) calls me Steve (being aware that my legal name is actually Stephen). Suppose also that I ...
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Official name on paper [duplicate]

I'm preparing to publish my first paper. I have a question on my name to use on the paper. I'm commonly known as Steve (which I've been using for absolutely everything) but my passport name is my ...
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The name on my article doesn't match my national ID name, and it has already gone into production [duplicate]

I have submitted an article to the International Journal of Surgery, and it has gone into production. Just as I was signing the licensing agreement, it caught my eye that the name I had put in as the ...
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What author name should I use for publication? [duplicate]

I'm soon to be co-author for a paper and I'm not too sure which name I should use for publication (like many previous users here!). I have a legal Chinese name which no-one knows me by but is on ...
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Dropping first name for publication [duplicate]

My official name is Md. Tipu Sultan. Can I use only Tipu Sultan for publishing scientific articles or would there be any problem? I already have published a articles as Tipu Sultan.
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Proving authorship and names on public magazines when name in publications does not match name in passport [duplicate]

My official passport name is very long Mukhammadyusuf Fakhriddinov that's why I use Yusuf Fakhriddinov on my publications, also on most websites I use shorter name. Will it cause any confusion in the ...
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Can my surname under which I publish differ from the one on my passport? [duplicate]

Can my surname under which I publish differ from the one on my passport? I was thinking of publishing under "Miller-Hendrix" instead of just "Miller".
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What are the rules for surname and pseudonymous for US and/or UK? [duplicate]

Given some deep personal issues I don't use my father's surname and aren't usually reconized or even cited by it. Although, in my country it's almost impossible to change your name or drop a surname. ...
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Proving authorship when name in publications does not match name in passport [duplicate]

My full name on passport is Amir Hisham Ahmed Al-Attraqchi (first three names + surname). In my publication, I only used the first and the surname (i.e. Amir Al-Attraqchi). Is it going to be a problem ...
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How to edit name on existing publications after a name change?

Assume that I publish many papers in many journals and someday I changed the family name (my last name). How can I edit that where my papers have been published? and is it easy process?
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Changing my legal name for research

I'm in the process of applying to graduate school. Previous to this, I published an article under the name "Usama B. Ayasrah". At the moment, I'm working on my second article. My MSc ...
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Is it a good idea to omit part of a multiple surname for publications?

I'm about to publish my first article and from what I've been reading, everyone suggests that you should be consistent with the name you choose. My first name is "Sobhan" and my last name is "Omranian ...
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Should I use a pen name or pseudonym on my papers as a form of semi-anonymity?

This question is very nearly a duplicate to "Taking an academic pseudonym?", however, my name is already sufficiently unique, and I am wondering if it makes sense to use a pseudonym even if I don't ...
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My name in publications as an author is different from my name in the passport, how to prove that I'm the same person?

My name in all of my publications is Mohamed Abd El-Ghafour (Abd El-Ghafour, M.) while in passport is Mohamed Abd El-Ghafour Omar, so Abd El-Ghafour is a middle name, is this will be a problem in ...
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