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Accused of cheating due to the time accounted by Blackboard

Since the exams this year for college is online, there is a timer. Usually, when I start an exam I click a random answer choice or what I think is right at that moment. Once I finish most of it, I go ...
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Falsely accused of cheating in college [closed]

I finished up a final exam right before the holidays, it was 10 questions, fully mathematically explained questions, and just after the holidays, I got an email from my professor saying that I am ...
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How can I prove that I didn't plagiarize?

This year I have decided to take a Computer Science course on FLVS, an online learning institution. Throughout the whole year, I worked well, and I had a lot of fun with the course. I was close to ...
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Accused of Cheating during an online exam

Today, I got accused of cheating on an exam I took yesterday. It was a lockdown browser exam, my exam as well as several other students exams were also flagged because of the following reasons. This ...
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Accused of cheating on online exams

This week I was accused of cheating on two online exams in two separate classes. Both professors are claiming the lockdown browser recordings show "evidence" of me cheating. When I asked ...
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Accused of cheating because math proof is similar to online solution

I am taking a math course this semester and the problems that are given to us on a weekly basis require less than half a page to solve. The path to the proof is relatively straightforward, using the ...
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What to include in an "explanation letter" after being falsely accused of cheating? [closed]

I am a student at a university in South Africa. 300 out of the 400 students in my class, including me, were recently accused of cheating by receiving a paper before an exam. We were given the letters ...
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Falsely accused of providing project code to others in a class

I am an undergraduate student studying computer science. A student that I know told me tonight that in a class she is taking this semester, she was reported by the autograder that code she and her ...
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Allegation of Academic Misconduct

I completed my dissertation a few weeks ago, and submitted it the night before it was due and thus did not check it on turnitin etc for similarity reports. However, on Friday night I received an e-...
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Accused of cheating [duplicate]

I had my finals for mg chemistry lecture. When I was starting my examination my professor went to my side and picked up a piece of paper then I realized it was the formula card that one of my ...
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