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Are there reasons to revoke my degree if I shared old notes with a current student who was caught plagiarizing my work? [duplicate]

I graduated university (UK University) a couple of years ago with a first. My friend is currently enrolled at the same university and was struggling with an assignment I had completed and still had a ...
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Can degree be revoked for misbehaving with professor after graduation? [duplicate]

One of my professors misbehaved with me. So after graduation, I wrote him a strong and humiliating mail. Can he get my degree revoked?
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Can I get my degree revoked for misuse of citations? [duplicate]

I have been accused of not correctly attributing a person in my PhD dissertation that was finished several years ago. The person claimed he would bring the matter to the university I did my PhD at. I ...
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How severe do issues with a US grad school application have to be in order to cause degree revocation? [duplicate]

I completed graduate school and found that I had made several mistakes in my application. Though none of them were fraudulent, my application was sloppy. I was intentionally vague and omitted some ...
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Can public political criticism of my alma mater result in my BA being revoked 35 years later?

Perhaps it is a sign of paranoia that I even ask, but is there a chance that the private college I got my BA from back in the 1980s would revoke my degree if I were to publicly complain about its ...
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Can my university revoke my degree after it was granted due to (corporate) data having changed?

I did my thesis using corporate data (I used to work there, they don't give their information freely or sell it), data is from 2009 to 2018. I collect the data, analyze it, everything normal. However,...
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Can a university retract a degree for actions taken after the degree is awarded?

I was looking at this question on The Workplace, where in the asker was considering doing homework for students for a fee. My initial thought was that it's possible he went to the same university*, ...
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Will the PhD degree be retracted if the thesis is found to be not novel?

Suppose a person got PhD degree by properly submitting his/her thesis on a particular topic. Assume that neither the student nor the doctoral review committee including supervisor knows that the ...
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What should one do if they find that a person's dissertation isn't worth the PhD granted?

I researched an acquaintance's PhD dissertation and I saw that it doesn't qualify even as a master's degree. She sells herself as accomplished for finishing PhD in 3 years but the data is not there in ...
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Under what circumstances would a University revoke a student's degree? [duplicate]

Under what circumstances would a University revoke a student's undergraduate bachelor's degree if something was discovered after the degree was awarded, but actually happened when the student was ...
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Unintentional Plagiarism in my Masters Thesis

About four months ago I graduated from a reputable university and received great feedback from the committee who judged my masters defense as well as my thesis. Prior to my defense, I was asked to ...
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Should I worry that my bachelor's degree will be revoked because I only completed half my internship hours?

This happened in 2016. In my college where I got my bachellor degree (no thesis required), one of the requirements to get that degree is to have 600 trainee hours at a company. The company send a ...
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How often have advanced degrees been revoked due to misbehavior as an undergrad?

Has anyone ever lost their PH.D. or MA from something they did when they were an undergrad? I'm going to use an example of a college buddy who has an MA in history but bullshitted a project once as a ...
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If there was a clerical error in my Master's degree being awarded to me, could it be revoked? [closed]

In grad school, I got a C+ in one required course. The program gave me credit for the class anyway and awarded me my master's degree. I am now concerned that this was a mistake and my degree could be ...
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Can high school cheating hurt me for grad admissions?

I used to be a dumb cheater in high school. I was pretty smart but I still was cheating on things like dual credit courses at local colleges, and even AP exams. I ended up getting into a pretty good ...