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What's the point of PhD theses if nobody reads them?

At best, the PhD thesis is read by: The author The examiners The supervisor The author's parents The author's roommate / spouse / fellow students in research group Or less than 10 people in total. ...
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Who cares about your PhD thesis?

I'm pursuing a Ph.D. in a computer science-related field (more particularly, in Artificial Intelligence). During my studies, I was involved in several projects, some of them got published in top-tier ...
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Who is responsible for detecting plagiarism in a PhD thesis?

Background I am asking this question in the context of the long running plagiarism scandal in Germany.The most prominent victim of the scandal of plagiarized doctoral dissertations by politicians was ...
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Can I reuse part of a paper for my thesis?

I am finishing writing my master's thesis (~100 pages) and I also just submitted a paper (8 pages) to a conference. Since both are on the same subject and I am an author on both, is it ok if I reuse ...
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When do most students publish in a European PhD?

in US PhDs, it's typical to start publishing (first author or not) in their latter-half years. How does that work in the EU? Since EU PhDs are shorter than US programs, is it common for EU phd ...
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How can I find out which universities allow a sandwich (stapler) PhD thesis?

Following on from What is a "Sandwich thesis"? , is there an easy way to find out which departments at which universities will allow a sandwich thesis (aka a stapler thesis, portfolio thesis,...
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When does a PhD end?

When does a PhD end? I know this is a very general question on this forum, but let us consider a CS-engineering group. What is the usual and primary consideration for letting the student finish ...
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Can I use the work in my journal/conference publications as chapters in my dissertation?

At my institution, I am required to publish four papers in addition to my PhD thesis. Of course my planned papers are related to my dissertation project, but I'm not sure if it could be considered ...
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Transitive copying - plagiarism?

I am writing a paper with a co-author. I need to explain some terms in the preliminaries section. I am copying the definitions from my co-authors previous paper. Afterwards, I want to include the ...
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Can I use contractions in my thesis?

I am writing my thesis (in Computer Science, if that's relevant) and I am thinking about the style, especially about using contractions. I realize that thesis is a formal text and contractions like “...
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Can writing sandwich thesis in computer science be harmful to your career?

In the next months I will defend my thesis and I wonder if it is really worth it to write a traditional thesis. Although I have time to write it, I would consider a “waste” of time that I could use ...
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How to reuse complete paper for my thesis?

I am currently writing my PhD thesis, and I have published an article together with my supervisor. The third chapter of my PhD thesis (1/3 of my whole thesis) is basically the paper. I plan to include ...
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How much overlap is permitted between a submitted journal article and a thesis?

I'm currently writing a journal article to be published, and the work from this article is basically the entire work of my Master's thesis. Clearly a thesis is usually more involved and fleshed out ...
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PhD by published work [closed]

I have developed a logical and consistent body of research of 8 papers about a research topic. I've heard I can do a PhD by published work. It is just compiling the papers and writing the scope and ...
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How to mention a completely rewritten article in PhD thesis?

First of all, I am from Europe. At my university are hardly any regulations of the form of my PhD thesis, especially nothing that concerns the following question: I published a paper as a first ...
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