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How to draft a recommendation letter for myself after professor asked me to do so [duplicate]

I asked a professor I have been working for about a year to write a recommendation letter for graduate school. She agreed but says she usually ask students to write for themselves and she will do some ...
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Is it acceptable to write a reference letter for yourself?

If a student needs a reference letter for graduate admissions or that sort of thing, some profs will ask the student to write a reference letter for themself before sending it off to the prof for ...
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Should I write a recommendation letter for a student at a previous job/institution?

I receive requests for recommendation many times, but I have received one from a student belonging at a previous affiliation of mine, asking for a favourable letter in view of their achievements. I ...
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What is the purpose of letter of recommendation?

I have completed 2.5 postdocs in the US. In all of my applications plus a Green Card application, letters of recommendation were a great deal. In all cases (overall, about 10 letters signed by ...
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How do I get recommendation letters?

I have had a different set of professors every semester and as batch sizes are pretty big ~80, and with every professor dealing with 3-4 separate batches of equivalent size, for barely 3-4 months at a ...
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How widespread is the practice of delegating LoR writing to the applicant?

At least two questions (1, 2) on this site indicate that in more than a few isolated cases at least, letters of recommendation are in fact written by the applicant and only signed off (or perhaps ...
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Recommendation Letters for MS CS programs

I have graduated nearly 5 years ago and I want to get a Computer Science Master's degree from an above average school in U.S. or Canada, preferably a thesis based degree. However, I am having ...
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Two different recommenders asked me to draft my own recommendation letter for my faculty application. How to distinguish the two?

I am applying to faculty positions and two of the people I asked to be my references requested me to provide a draft of the recommendation letter. I am in a STEM field. Is this common practice even ...
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Research experience not backed up by recommendation letter

I have done a three months independent research at a national lab in US with guidance from a scientist who was working there, but he is very busy and not much time is left to ask him to write a ...
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Why are recommendation letters crucial for scholarships or graduate admissions?

I saw a question asking how to write recommendation letters and I wonder why this is so important? Why are recommendation letters crucial for scholarship applications for studying in Masters or ...
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How to get three recommendation letters while I only worked with my supervisor?

I am a Ph.D. student who will get a Ph.D. degree in less than 8 months in biophysics. While I am looking for postdoc positions many of them require three recommendation letters. One of these letters ...
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Is it common practice to a write recommendation letter for oneself and let the professor sign it? [duplicate]

I am an undergraduate student at a Chinese university. Recently I asked for recommendation letters from two professors at my university, one Chinese and the other American, in order to apply for a ...
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What to do when an advisor asks you to draft your recommendation? [duplicate]

A friend of mine is applying to graduate schools, and his research advisor asked him to write the recommendation and he would sign it as his own. It doesn't seem possible for my friend to write a ...
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