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I'm now a second year math student at a top uni, and in the summer of my first year, I was a part of a small research team where we proved various new results related to Random Matrix Theory and wrote ...
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First, I know this question has been asked already here but was never answered. I am applying for an assistant professorship position (in CS) and due to overloaded teaching duties over the last years, ...
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About listing papers under review in your CV [duplicate]

I'm a PhD student and recently submitted my first paper to a journal. I listed this paper as under review in my CV with its title, but not with the journal name. (My CV is available on my personal ...
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Listing pending and ongoing studies? [duplicate]

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Can I write "paper accepted without revisions" on a CV?

I am a recent Ph.D. graduate applying to postdoc positions, and I am a bit uneasy about the small number of publications I have worked on. However, the main paper I worked on during my Ph.D. was ...
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What is the meaning of "To appear" for submitted papers

In some C.V. I see the statement "To appear in X Journal" in front of some papers. What is the exact meaning of that? Does it mean that the paper has been submitted to X journal?
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How to present preprints that are not publicly accessible on a CV for math academic job search?

In the context of preparing a CV for a math academic job search Is it advisable to list preprints which are not yet accessible to the wide public in the CV? If so, should it be in a rubric of its ...
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Does it look weird when all my publications are all in the stage of "submitted"?

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How many days reviewers get to review minor revisions?

I sent my research work to an sci indexed journal. However, it was under review for 5 months.. So we sent query to the editor. After sending the query, the reviewers' comments came just within 4 days ...
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Would acceptance letters from conferences be good in my CV?

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