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What are the downsides (if any) of having a PhD to work in the software industry? Any about having technology certifications? [duplicate]

So you can take me seriously, let me first introduce myself: I am a PhD student about to finish my thesis and, thinking about future employment, I am considering to obtain an Oracle Java Certification,...
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Should I quit my PhD - workload, self-esteem and social life [closed]

I don't really want a degree. I just want to get married, and have weekends and evenings off, and chill out and play board games, and have nice conversations with friends, and have time to exercise ...
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Is it true that a full Ph.D. is a disadvantage for technical positions in the private sector? [closed]

If you do work that requires a technical skillset (ex. programming, data science) and plan to work in the private sector. Is completing the Ph.D. degree a disadvantage in terms of what opportunities ...
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Is PhD worth it when considering your career in industry

I'm a beginning doctoral student in the field of Machine Learning and I've been given several contradicting opinions on whether a PhD is worth it or not. I don't want to spend the rest of my life in ...
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Indecision between PhD and industry

First a little bit of background. I am a graduate student (Bachelor) who will finish the Master degree in June or July at most. I am working on my thesis at my university with a professor which I ...
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What are the benefits of getting a PhD in statistics?

I've been working as a statistician in the marketing world for two years, and I have an M.S. in applied math. I want to change industries a bit (maybe epidemiology or engineering) and I also want to ...
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What are the potential pitfalls of having a PhD in machine learning?

This is a follow up question from this one. From what I read in that question I understood that in most cases the PhD is not a good idea to grow a good career in the industry. However I contacted ...
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To what degree does earning a pure math PhD in dynamical systems limit my career options outside of academia [duplicate]

I am a 2nd year math PhD student. If one specializes in pure math (say dynamical systems with no particular real-world application in mind), how difficult can it be to transition into industry after ...
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Avoiding the double effort of academic research and marketable job skills as a math PhD

For context, I'm entering a mathematics PhD program that offers several different areas of specialization, mathematical computer science (MCS), pure maths, statistics, and more. My undergrad was in ...
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Are engineering PhDs more relevant to industry careers than science PhDs?

So I am considering pursuing a PhD in robotics (or a related field) after spending a year in the industry. I want to make an informed decision about my career path and be reasonable about things. The ...
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Is having a specialised PhD topic a pitfall when applying to be a lecturer of STEM education, even with relevant practical experience?

This is in a similar vein as What are the potential pitfalls of having a PhD, but where that was specifically targeted as entering industry, this is targeted at becoming a lecturer of STEM education (...
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Applying for jobs outside academia: when and what kind of jobs are out there? [closed]

I am at the end of my PhD. I am considering switching to the private sector and find a job in some company. There are two main questions I did not find an answer yet: Is there some professional ...
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What are the most important get-aways from a PhD [duplicate]

I have almost finished a master degree and want to continue to do my PhD in discrete Mathematics (Optimization/Operation Research) in Germany, but i don't want to stay in academica after that. I ...
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