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Submitting to a journal as an undergrad but lying about academic status on bio

As an undergraduate I submitted a paper of mine to a reputable journal. Fearing that I would be desk-rejected for simply being an undergraduate, I stated in my submission bio that I was a PhD ...
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When can a person be called a PhD ABD?

Can one call oneself a PhD ABD (All But Dissertation) after completing all of the course work and working on the dissertation?
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How to express an ongoing PhD degree in suffix

Is it correct to express PhD in brackets "(PhD)" as suffix to express the ongoing degree?
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How to address a doctoral candidate who is ABD (All but Dissertation)? Is "Dr" appropriate?

How does one address a doctoral candidate who completed all his/here requirements except the dissertation? Would they be referred to as Doctor? Or is there another title? In the past, I believe I've ...
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What's my professional title while working full time on my PhD?

After encountering a few official forms to fill out (tax, medical, LinkedIn, job applications), I don't know what my official job title is during my PhD. There doesn't seem to be a standard for this. ...
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Are PhD Students and PhD Researchers the same thing?

Similarly to how a Postdoc researcher is a researcher, I think that a PhD student should be considered a researcher. Especially when: A salary is obtained for the research that is done as part of the ...
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Ph.D. candidate vs Ph.D

I have already submitted my Ph.D. thesis to my committee and plan to defend my thesis. I want to prepare an updated CV. In my situation, what should I write in the CV: Ph.D. candidate or just ...
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What is your correct title while working on a PhD?

After finishing a PhD, your title is either Dr or PhD. What is the correct title while still working on it? Is it MSc? This question asks almost the same question, but doesn't specifically ask for ...
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Value of PhD candidacy ("ABD")

If one is intending on leaving a graduate program before completing their PhD, is there value in obtaining candidacy status before leaving? Does it depend on where they are leaving to? If so, ...
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PhD Student/Candidate distinction - European/French universities

I read an interesting topic entitled "PhD candidate vs. PhD Student". I understood that the distinction between the use of those terms is strongly linked to the structure of PhD programs in ...
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International Students transferring between graduate programs

I'm an international graduate student in my first year as a PhD candidate. I'm looking to transfer schools for two reasons- I had a hard time here with my health in jeopardy, so I'm looking to move ...
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Is this OK that I use "doctor (or doctorate) candidate" as appellation on my business card?

Is this correct to call my self "Doctor of engineering CANDIDATE" on my business card? If it's not improper, what should I use instead of doctorate candidate? Background: I'm a college ...
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