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How can I convince graduate students in China to not copy/paste from the Internet into their research papers?

I'm posting from an anonymous account, for reasons that will be obvious. I'm an associate professor in China at one of the top 10 universities in China, and have been working in China for a number of ...
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Why would my former colleagues acknowledge me for a nonexistent contribution?

I spent a postdoctoral period in China, where I faced number of issues with the administration and supervisor. In short, I felt exploited in many ways, from payment and funding restrictions to being ...
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Would an honest researcher actually have to pay back their salary?

Recently, I read the answer by Hexal to the following question here: Not including student who contributed very little as coauthor of paper and I was scared. Much more than scared, I could not sleep ...
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Postdoc in China. Looking on advice about culture shock and pursuing a career in industry [closed]

So I was recently offered a math postdoc position in China for 2 years. A bit of additional background: I am a US citizen and have never left the US; I've hardly left my home state (except for grad ...
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Meeting dishonest ex-supervisors at large international conference -- Should one speak out?

I have returned to my country after one negative experience as a postdoc in China. In short, I was hired based on false salary & funding expectations supported by shady vague contracts written in ...
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Postdoc in China: what are the possible difficulties and disadvantages?

According to the research paper, where the comparison of postdocs in China and US was done, there are several global cons of Chinese postdoctoral positions, like low salary and lack of permanent jobs. ...
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Forced to work as a postdoc without pay [closed]

I got an externally funded research grant as a lead researcher to carry out a project at a UK University, together with other senior co-PIs. The grant would pay my salary for the duration of the ...
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Academics in China - promoted via connections

My friend has told me his own story. He's a researcher and he's trying to publish his paper. His supervisor is a Chinese researcher, but they're working in the states. My friend has written all the ...
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What is the best secondary language for an academic to know?

Let's say someone young (~PhD student stage, possibly earlier) wants to become a professor. He doesn't mind moving around and will go wherever the best offer is. He'll obviously need English, but he's ...
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Does adding professors' names in the acknowledgement section influence acceptance of a paper?

I'm working on a research paper and two well-known professors have reviewed and commented on the paper. They have also accepted that their names be mentioned in acknowledgments section. My question ...
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How many students are typical for an advisor?

I am an undergraduate student in China, majoring in chemistry. I am now considering which advisors would be most suitable for my future research. Actually, I have been working in a professor's lab ...
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Should I give a symbolic "thank you, and goodbye" gift to an abusive supervisor?

Within one week I shall leave my present institution, where I felt severely mistreated around salary payment and work conditions for 2 years, as a postdoctoral fellow. The PI who signed my contract (...
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Postdoc project: Bait and switch

Earlier this year, I interviewed and received offers for two postdoc positions from competing universities, with one- and three-year contracts, respectively. The first is more related to my PhD, while ...
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Is this a realistic salary for China postdocs/ assistant professor?

After reading this (Persistent issues with salary pay as a postdoc in China: What can I do?) I am kind of worried about working in China with regards to pay. On paper, the type of salary advertised ...
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I haven't received the support promised in my funding letter. What should I do?

It has been 4 months that I have started my master's degree in North America. I got my funding letter from my supervisor when I was in my home country, in my letter it was written that I will be a ...
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