I am from the United States and I am attending a bottom-tier public commuter university for a second bachelor's degree in political science. According to this website, which is a listing for German master's programs conducted in English, the University of Cologne's political science MA program has a minimum application requirement of 2.7 GPA on the German scale, which translates to about a 2.9 on the US GPA scale. I am not concerned with the ECTS credit requirement, as I will have more than enough credits when I apply. Other programs such as the MS program for politics, philosophy, and economics for the University of Hamburg do not even publish a grade requirement. I specifically want to hear from foreign students who were able to gain admission to a top German university such as the ones I have mentioned.

I am going to be as forthcoming as possible when I also ask if it would behoove me to include my transcript to San Jose State University for Philosophy (my first degree), a transcript that will say I have been expelled from which I have 51 semester units with a 3.17 GPA. The reason for my expulsion was gross misconduct relating to a mental health illness. I have a 3.3 GPA overall which puts me in 2.0 range in the German scale but I have 28 quarter units to go until I finish my second BA. Combined I have a total of 231 ECTS units so far though this includes the transcript which says expelled. I have also served as an officer (second lieutenant) in a state defense force in the US.

My ultimate goal is to gain admission to a PhD program to become a professor for political science and be a voice for more right-wing ideologies.

Please be civil as this is my first posting. Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.

  • Out of interest, why do you want to study in Germany rather than remain in the USA? – astronat Nov 18 '17 at 23:07
  • Why wouldn't I want to? These German universities are far more prestigious and often have ancient histories. They also more often than not have no tuition fees. Also, I have visited Germany after my stint as an English teacher in Thailand. The German people both abroad and in Germany itself have a temperament and national character that I find agreeable: they are honest and straightforward, considerate of others, and humble, all with a easygoing demeanor. – David Yang Nov 19 '17 at 3:06
  • @DavidYang I agree that Germany is great, but I doubt that German universities are far more prestigious. – user109420 Jun 12 '19 at 16:47

You cannot exclude your previous transcripts—if it comes to light that you did so, that is sufficient grounds to revoke admission, because you are lying about your credentials.

As for your chances for admission, while there is a minimum GPA requirement, there is furthermore often a requirement that your degree be "identical" to the content of the equivalent bachelor's program at the German university. If there are sufficiently large differences, you may not be admitted to the program, even if you have a sufficiently high GPA.

Beyond that, the rules for admissions at different universities depend on whether enrollment is "capped" or not. So you are best off checking the requirements with the individual programs, and contacting the appropriate "representative" for your desired course of study.

The other challenge you will face as a candidate for admission to a Master's program is satisfying visa requirements, which require you to show dedicated income of about €700 or more per month.

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