I am writing a technical paper for my college project. This is my first time so I don't have much experience in this arena. I am writing about a philosophy used by Mechanical Engineers while designing a product. Now there is a situation where I have to mention a product and the company whose product it is. I am saying this by:

... so popular that it has been incorporated by ABC Company in their XYZ Product suite ...

Now I want to ask whether I should mention that:

ABC & XYZ are registered trademark of ABC Inc.

If yes then where and in what format?

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No need to mention the trademarks in a technical paper, although you could certainly cite their website if it talks about the product.

I generally cite anything that I think the reader could get more information about that is pertinent to the topic. That said, a paper isn't a web page, and you shouldn't litter it with gratuitous cites.


If you're concerned, then you can say:

... so popular that it has been incorporated by ABC Company(R) in their XYZ(TM) Product suite ...

with appropriate glyphs for "registered" and "trademark".

But that said, I don't think it's strictly necessary to mention trademarks unless you have a compelling reason to do so.

(An example of a comeppling reason to do so would be if you had to run the paper by the company's lawyers first and they want you to refer to the product in a specific way. If so then in the best interest of collaboration you should do what their lawyers say.)

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