I have a dilemma of deciding between grad school and industry. My undergraduate major is actually unrelated to what I want to do yet useful for everything these days. I want to learn about the scope of the field, but I’m not sure if self study or graduate school is the best way to learn.

I’m also taking into account opportunity cost in terms of time and money. I will say that I’m so passionate about the field I’m interested in that I would take working in it over somewhere like Google or a hedge fund. As long as I can feed and house myself I’m fine I think. I also have the option to just start my own project in this field, but I wouldn’t do that until I learn about the field first.

My major is Computer science at Georgia Tech, and I want to apply data science to the problem of reversing the acidification of the ocean. Thus I’m considering a masters in environment engineering and then a PhD in CSE.

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