Last year, I applied for a visiting position at a school that I was shortlisted for. They notified me of this and mentioned that they would choose one candidate from the shortlist for a campus interview but that there would be no phone/skype interviews before then.

This year they have an tenure-track open area position advertised in the same department. In the meantime I've taken a visiting position at a selective liberal arts school that is competitive, well-regarded, and in the same wheelhouse as the one in question.

How would my previous application affect this one, if at all? Having made a shortlist, I at least assume I was viewed favorably. But given that I'm applying at a school where I wasn't offered a visiting position, would it make me look worse than an unknown candidate to apply for the tenure track one? Or would it potentially be helpful given that I was ostensibly viewed favorably last time? Or does it make no difference?

I mean I probably will just apply anyway, but I'm still curious about whether or not this will make a difference.

  • If I were you, I would assume that whoever received the visiting position will be applying for the tenure track position. I would ask myself, how do I make my application better than theirs? – Anonymous Physicist Oct 31 '17 at 23:05

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