The problem is I completed a work earlier and did another work which extends this work. However, I haven't got the earlier work published. I plan to send these two papers to a conference but I do not know how to cite the work of first paper in second paper.

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    The last point of eykanal's answer seems to answer your question.
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    May 3, 2013 at 23:07

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Many people, including myself, use the following style:

Author. “Paper Title,” manuscript, year.

e.g.: [13] A.N. Author, “Paper Citation Rules,” manuscript, 2013.

If it's your paper you can also cite it as

Author. “Paper Title,” submitted, year.

The proper citation style may depend on the conference you submit your paper to. In my area, theoretical computer science, there are no strict citation rules.


I don't know or have information about the writing style or style guide that is usually followed in your field and you should follow those style guides to find out how to cite unpublished works .

To get you kickstarted in the right direction, I have provided information about the APA, Chicago and MLA styles and how to cite unpublished works. Of course, your field may use completely unrelated style guides but they should have typical information for unpublished works. See this, this, this and this for more information.

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