I am trying to find the acceptance rate for the 10th WSEAS International Conference on computers. After doing some search on Google and on their website http://www.wseas.org/ I was not able to get a number. It says on their website that their acceptance rate is aprx 20%, but this could be for the most recent conference, and it could be for something other than computers?

I tried to find the proceedings online, but I was not 100% sure if I am looking at the right proceedings.



The only way to know is to ask them, i.e., find the contact of one of the editors, and politely ask him/her what was the acceptance rate for that particular year.

There are multiple lists available on the internet:

as well as the links they provide.

But they are as reliable as your trust in their authors: there is no guarantee whatsoever, in most of the cases, that their sources is trustworthy, and they are very scattered most of the time.

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