How could we correct the missing citation counts and the missing citing References in the adsabs.harvard?

For example, I find that other resources such as https://inspirehep.net/ that have much precise and better citation counts, while both the Google Scholar and adsabs.harvard misses some citation counts/missing citing References.

These three resources have their own advantages and disadvantages:

1) Google Scholar: Google scholar miss citations from arXiv (sometimes but not always).

2) adsabs.harvard: In principle, it counts everything in arXiv, but even if so, the bib format citations may be missing -- perhaps it is the LaTex generating issue.

3) https://inspirehep.net, it only counts articles that are relevant to particle physics, high-energy theory, quantum field and string theory. It misses other disciplines such as Atomic-Molecule Optics or Condensed Matter physics.

I am happy to receive comments from experts working in all disciplines.

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For NASA's ADS at least, there's a "submit missing references" form available here.

(note that this link is dysfunctional if one doesn't allow the site to set browser cookies)


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