I have completed my undergrad degree and don't have any universities nearby where I can find research work. I want to write a research paper in Machine Learning and have been working in this field professionally. I read quite a few research papers as a part of job description but am unable to come up with a new idea for a research paper. How do I go about finding an idea? If I find something, generally its way too broad. Like I read about Hypergraph decompositions or HTMs and got really psyched about them. I couldn't get to a point though which would be a concentrated topic that could lead to a reproducible research.

How do I go about finding ideas for writing a paper considering I dont have anyone to work with me or guide me in the process?


First point - don't force it. Getting ideas for academic papers comes over time and has to be a natural process. The more you try to get good ideas for papers, the more unnatural the process can become and the less likely you will be to come out with something worthwhile.

The best way to get a good topic is just to carry on reading around in your field as you normally would. At some point you may well come across a topic or a research gap that needs to be filled and one which excites you and stimulates you at the same time. That is the point where you can start planning your research.

Bear in mind that a good research article topic can take time to discover. It can be weeks - or months - before you come across something worthwhile and that you feel you can turn into something research-worthy. You don't necessarily need anyone else to do this with, but you do need natural drive, enthusiasm and acumen in your area. If you have these, you will come across a topic and be able to write about it and conduct research effectively. But don't search too hard: writing academic papers should be a natural process and you'll find that something will present itself soon enough.

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