I'm applying for a job which requires the list of all publications. Quoting the call:

Publications over the last 10 years in chronological order within each category following the International Standard for bibliographic references with DOI whenever possible.

I'm a bit confused because I have no clue how to write my publications in this format. Since I'm a computer scientist I usually take the bibtex from databases like DBLP or Scholar, but I'm not sure if it's equivalent for this International Standard. Do you have any suggestions?

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Have you searched for this citation style? There is even a wikipedia article on this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_Standard_Bibliographic_Description. There is an example which gives you an hint how you should structure your bibliographic reference. If a certain element of the list can't be applied to one of your publications , you could leave it out/not mention it.
My guess would be that official university catalogs use this or a similar style and you could consult these to make sure you do it right.

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