I'm in my last year of Ph.D. (US University); Lately I worked (paid position) full-time (35-40 hours/week) as a summer intern with a company off-campus with CPT authorization. The work was directly related to what I was trying to accomplish in one of my dissertation chapters. My advisor/school didn't have to pay me during the summer semester because I was making more than enough. The company is willing to help me continue working on my project on a part-time basis (<20 hr) over the upcoming fall semester; but the money I'll be making won't be enough for my living. My department, on the other hand, is willing to resume my monthly salary as a GRA (also part-time <20 hr, but enough to cover my expenses). As far as I'm concerned, employment, both on and off campus together, is limited to 20 hr/week or less while school is in session for international students. Is it then possible to work 10 hr as a GRA at my institution and 10 hr at the company? Is there an option for two 'part-time' employment for F-1 students while school in session? Any other solution?

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    You should consult with the international student advisors (or equivalent) at your university; they are more familiar with the relevant laws and regulations. That being said, my understanding is that without OPT or CPT you can't get off-campus employment. – Drecate Jul 31 '17 at 4:33

As far as I understand, you can have multiple jobs as long as the total number of hours does not exceed 20. You do need CPT to continue working off-campus, so stop by the International Student Office to make sure your specific university allows you to hold these two jobs.

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