Consider an American and/or British (dual) citizen who is currently undertaking a PhD at a Swedish institution.

For instance, in America there are a variety of National Science Foundation fellowships available to graduate students in America.

Possibly, an American could use the Fullbright fellowship to fund their study at the Swedish university they are already at?

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  • For NSF GRFP fellows, there is an opportunity to do a year of their US PhD in Sweden through the GROW program. Otherwise, you would probably need a directly hired PhD position. – T K Jul 29 '17 at 13:52

Higher education in Sweden is free at the PhD level, and free for EU citizens at any level. It is possible that an American who wants to take a Bachelor/Master level course as part of his PhD studies might need to pay a ~100$ application fee, but that should be it.

PhD here is a full time job, so your living expenses will be well covered by the salary. It also means that you would start the application by finding an open position through university websites, or approaching a potential supervisor to create a new position. Additional scholarships are aimed mostly to cover the tuition fees for students who do need to pay, or to finance brief research collaborations.


The Sweden-America foundation supports Swedish students pursuing higher-level education in the US. Only Swedish citizens are eligible to apply, but you may be able to find additional information at their site, or by contacting them:

http://sweamfo.se/ http://sweamfo.se/lankar-till-externa-stipendieprogram/

  • Are you sure you read the question right? The OP is looking for funding for American/British student in Sweden. – scaaahu Jul 29 '17 at 10:06

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