I am taking a four week online summer course in the U.S. and the professor just canceled it because all but me and one other student (out of 30+ students) withdrew from the class within the first week. I guess the minimum for the class is 20 students. Is this normal? I'm not sure yet but I think we get our money back for the course, I just am not sure if it is standard for this to happen. and if so what happens on my transcript?

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    You should expect a refund and for nothing to appear on your transcript. Normal is a class being canceled for poor enrollment...not normal is 28/30 students dropping a class, though maybe for an online class that's less unusual. If you have financial aid or anything else that depends on being enrolled in the summer, you may need to immediately enroll in another class - you should talk to an advisor at the institution if that's the case. – Bryan Krause Jul 25 '17 at 23:35

Courses are sometimes cancelled due to low enrollment. Usually this happens during the first week to allow the students to transfer to a different course. Since this is before the "drop" deadline, the course does not appear on the student transcript and no tuition is charged.

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