I am wondering what would be the correct year to use for this book?:


On the page it says 2014, and on google scholar I see that other people have used 2014. But inside the book as can be seen here


it says copyright 2015. What year should I put for it?

  • Use the one which will not create any problem during the citation. In this context, I will use 2014 as the year.
    – Coder
    Jun 24, 2017 at 20:15

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You can find this in books which are published at the end of a year. For instance, if books are published in November or December, publisher will state this year as publication year in their online catalogue. But the publisher has also assigned such a published book for the following year, because it will be mainly promoted and distributed to libraries, book stores etc in the next year.
Here is another example of 2 different years of publication of a book: publisher website states 2016 and google books shows in the book 2017
In case you have read the book and not the few pages on google books, I would say the year in the book is more reliable and would cite it as 2015.

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