I submitted my application for a MSc program and one of my referees was declined this week by the department. Because this was so sudden from the department and I had to find someone who is willing to write me a reference letter in 3 days notice, I asked my previous employer to write me one. My employer told me to simply draft my own letter and send it back to him so he can upload it !

is it unethical? the rejection of my initial referee was sudden and none of my old professors would remotely agree to write me a letter in two days notice. I don't want to commit anything wrong that could compromise my candidancy.


No, it is not. Your employer will get the letter and "tweak" it. When he uploads that letter, it means that he agrees with its content.

I had seen multiple professors do this to some colleagues of mine and there is nothing unethical about it.

  • The accepted answer on the dupe says "No, this is a form of plagiarism and academic fraud. What you pass off as your written word must actually be yours except where you explicitly document to the contrary." I'm in agreement with that assessment. I'm stunned to see this answer being given 7 upvotes. May 15 '17 at 22:34
  • 1
    "I'm stunned to see this answer being given 7 upvotes" Some people are just better at accepting reality. Also, that question has another answer voted equality high expressing the exact other opinion.
    – inf
    May 15 '17 at 22:44

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