Like the title says, I'm looking for an inexpensive app or program that can catalogue both journal articles and books. I need something that has or can take input from an ISBN/QR/barcode scanner, and can also do in-line article annotation like Mendeley.

Background: I work at a very small consulting firm. We do IT, custom software, creative services (design and UXD) and user research (theory, strategy and testing). We're just starting to put together a research library, and we quite frankly don't have the money for high-powered library software.

I know I'm probably asking for a magical unicorn here, and if what I want doesn't exist, please tell me. I figured research professionals would have had the most need for something like this; any help you could throw my way would be much appreciated.



I recomment to meet some librarians and talk with them about your requirements in more detail. There are a lot of software solutions that could fit.

I assume from what you wrote that Invenio could fulfill your requirements. It's an Open Source Software for publications and can be used for repositories and as an integrated library system. Invenio is developed by CERN as a framework and everyone can create its own overlay. I know at least one library using it with RFID but none with bar codes so far. It allows to catalogue all types of publications.

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