One of my research work was published in the year 2015 as Online First article and has also received a few citations.

Just recently, it got published in the formal Volume (Issue), pp. 1234 -- 1250, 2017.

I had listed this publication as 2015, (In press) till now. But, I am now confused, whether should I remove the year 2015 completely from my CV, or should I keep both like (Online first, 2015), Volume (Issue), pp. 1234 -- 1250, 2017 ?

  • What year does the journal use for the volume? Use that. – Sverre May 1 '17 at 14:44

It's really up to you how you list your references, what I do is to list it with the updated information on the CV, due to:

  • This reflects the actual state of the article which will come up in searches.
  • The later date of the full publication shows that the article is one of the 'latest' in the field.
  • The article often has the published online date anyway, alongside the other important dates, at the beginning of the article.

I have always taken the CV as being a way of 'showcasing' the latest state of the researcher's work.

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